Megan Thee Stallion Just Put The Sweetest Spin On The 3D Nail Trend

She never misses.

Megan Thee Stallion

From her music to her style choices, Megan Thee Stallion is anything but subtle. Her larger-than-life personality is exactly what fans love about her, and she continues to keep them on their toes with every move she makes. She’s never been afraid to get a little experimental with nail art, but her recent manicure is something totally new. In a bright and colorful Instagram photoshoot, the rapper showed off her gummy bear nails, a smorgasbord of playful neon designs.

In just one set, Megan mixed French manicure nail art, chrome polish, 3D elements, and gummy bear nail decals that look good enough to eat. Unsurprisingly, she stuck with her signature lipstick nail shape, in which the slanted tips mimic the shape of a lipstick bullet. The intermingling of textures and colors is undeniably fun, with a clear candy theme going on — most likely in tangent with the promotion for the singer’s upcoming collaboration with Dua Lipa, a track titled “Sweetest Pie” that drops on March 11.

Perhaps she even gleaned her nail inspiration from Lipa, who’s been a fan of 3D nail designs as of late. She’s been loving chrome globular manicures, in particular, recently debuting a look featuring a metallic silver base with the 3D shapes in metallic green and purple duo-chrome.

Megan’s candy-themed manicure is also clearly influenced by the Kawaii nail art trend that originated in Japan. Kawaii, which literally translates to “cute”, is used to describe a genre of nail art that incorporates traditionally “girly” colors like pink as well as cartoonish characters and bold embellishments.


It’s not made explicitly clear who’s responsible for Megan’s mani, but it’s safe to assume that her longtime nail artist Coca Michelle is to thank. Michelle has created a number of out-of-this-world manicures for the rapper, including this bold design that looks like mini syringes and this galaxy-themed look.

If Megan’s gummy bear nails are any indication of how sweet her new single is going to be, listeners are certainly in for a treat.