Lori Harvey’s ‘80s-Style Pixie Cut Is Fueling A Larger Trend

So good.

Lori Harvey flipped bob

Distinct beauty trends from different decades come and go all the time, but Lori Harvey is one of those celebrities who would stand out in any time period. She loves the modern crazes, of course, and often references key Y2K motifs, but she should consider embracing more of the ‘80s, too — that’s how good her latest hairstyle looks. Harvey’s pixie cut, created for a new photoshoot with Harper’s Bazaar, seems to nod to the era with shape, volume, and styling, and it looks incredible on the young star.

So much of the haircut — surely a wig, though — is centered around the artfully uneven nature of the look, complete with choppy, irregular bangs, and tousled styling. Celebrity hair professional Lucas Wilson created the look, which feels somewhere between a true pixie and a pageboy cut. The tapering through her simples both streamlines the style and infuses that ‘80s edge — it’s an easily-recognizable element that throws it back to stars like Linda Evangelista and a cusp-of-solo-fame Toni Braxton. It’s a major departure from the usual hairstyles in Harvey’s rotation, typically a low bun, thick braids, or a flipped-out bob that highlights her baby hairs. But that 180-degree turn from her typical look is part of what makes the shoot such a hit.

Short hair has absolutely ruled the A-list set for over a year now. Plenty of the biggest stars have gone for bobs, lobs, pixies, and beyond, but this particular look is finding a larger and larger celebrity audience. A revamped take on bowl cuts have been spotted on Rosario Dawson, Emma Corrin, Cardi B and more, and Harvey’s Harper’s Bazaar hair is just a few degrees of separation away.

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images
Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

Considering Harvey’s status as a consummate Gen Z it-girl, expect her short hair in the photoshoot to have a ripple effect on her followers and beauty trends in general. Every bikini, lip gloss, or pair of shoes she endorses sells out almost instantly, so why wouldn’t that directly translate to her hair, too?

If 2023 was the year she fully ascended into star status in her own right, the rest of Harvey’s 2024 is going to be immeasurably massive — and it starts here.