The Genius — And Easy — Way Lizzo Adds Extra Storage In Her Kitchen

It’s affordable, to boot.

Lizzo / Instagram

If you’ve added floating shelves, a bookcase, and even baskets to your kitchen but still lack the storage space you need, it might be time to look to an unexpected place for some fresh inspiration: Lizzo’s kitchen. And no, that wasn’t a typo. While you may know the 32-year-old foremost as a talented singer and songwriter, she also apparently has some serious organization tricks up her sleeve.

The rapper showed those off in an Instagram post on March 23 via a well-lit selfie that — probably unintentionally — also gave a peek of her kitchen area behind her. While at first glance it doesn’t look much different from that of an average cooking space, a closer look at the slideshow reveals a brilliant storage solution she’s putting to good use: the humble wall bar, placed directly above her stove.

Sure, this is nothing revolutionary. And though simple, it’s actually an incredibly versatile way to free off some countertops and cabinet space, as Lizzo demonstrates perfectly. That’s because it’s not just for hanging utensils; you can also put wall bars to use as a way to hold a small shelf, a bucket, or whatever else you’re able to fit with the right supplies. (If you zoom in, you can see that the singer is using her own to hang a spice and tea rack in addition to some cooking tools.)

The best part is that wall bars and racks come in many different forms, so you can add even more storage with various styles. Need another shelf? Buy one with a flat surface on top. Got too many utensils? Invest in a version with multiple bars. Wanting a little bit more of, well, everything? Find an option with a variety of solutions, such as a shelf, a rack, and even a paper towel holder. All you need is a little bit of wall space, and you can easily (and affordably) make an overstuffed area into a tidy spot in your home.

There’s no reason to keep piling things into those overflowing drawers anymore; instead, just take notes from Lizzo and try out a simple wall bar to make the most use of your space. A few you can incorporate into your kitchen, ahead.

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