Lily James Is Nearly Unrecognizable In A New Versace Campaign

The ultimate beauty chameleon.

Lily James

Lily James just embarked on an entirely new beauty transformation. While her red carpet style tends to lean toward classic glam, the English actor is not afraid to change up her look when she’s playing a character. You’re probably familiar with her uncanny transformation into Pamela Anderson for Hulu’s series Pam & Tommy, in which she donned the star’s signature blonde hair and even prosthetics. In a new editorial for Versace, James is yet again proving her chameleon skills; in fact, you might not even recognize the star in her sleek black bob and black lipstick.

The reveal of the Versace Fall-Winter 2022 campaign shows Lily James as the world has never seen her before. Posing with the new Greca Goddess bag raised above her head, the actress embodies a “Versace goddess”. From her black latex boots to her ornate jewelry, James matches the new Versace piece, but her beauty look takes things to the next level. Her blunt, chin-length bob, black lipstick, and bleached eyebrows totally transform the typically doe-eyed star.

“As in her films, where she has played roles from headstrong princesses to sex-symbols, Lily James’s impulsive and daring attitude is the epitome of Versace confidence,” reads a press release Versace. “Lily is seen as equal parts mythological deity and contemporary rebel as she wears new season latex ready-to-wear in a campaign that clashes classical culture with empowered seduction.”

Donatella Versace herself even chimed in the star’s willingness to adapt to her look, saying: “When Lily got in front of the camera she transformed! Wearing the collection unlocked her own personal attitude and she took on a new energy and power. That’s exactly how you should feel when wearing Versace!”

It’s not unusual for a change in style to unlock a renewed sense of confidence, particularly when it comes to hairstyles. Lots of stars (such as Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, and Selena Gomez) have recently gone for bob haircuts, proving that the look can have seriously transformative effects.

Given that James’ bob was for an editorial campaign (and the fact that she’s recently appeared on her Instagram with her usual long locks), it’s safe to assume it was just a wig — but that doesn’t make it any less gasp-inducing.