Lila Moss Loves Pinterest Just As Much As You Do

The model and YSL Beauty Ambassador shares her beauty favorites.

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If you’re a top model like Lila Moss, whose campaigns and editorials are all over Pinterest, where do you source your hair and makeup inspiration? It turns out she’s also Pinning away. Potentially coming across photos of yourself while scrolling through the platform is very meta. But considering it’s rife with reference material for each and every beauty aesthetic, who isn’t hooked on curating digital mood boards?

“Mainly Pinterest,” Moss tells TZR of where she finds ideas for her own hair and makeup. “I like a simple look with an unexpected twist — like a bleached eyebrow or a fun mascara like this [blue YSL one I’m wearing].”

The YSL Beauty ambassador admits she “scrolls aimlessly” and that Pinterest actually played a role in the creation of this year’s Met Gala look, which she cites as one of her favorites thus far. “I wanted to do something different, but not too far out of my comfort zone,” she shares. “I was going through Pinterest [for ideas] but I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do up until the day of. I decided to bleach my eyebrows because I knew I wanted them be lighter, but we made them a slightly softer shade [than platinum] for a twist.” Moss says her makeup artist Tom Pecheaux went with sharp wing liner in lieu of a smoky eye to contrast her brows.

Lila Moss’ 2023 Met Gala look. Taylor Hill/Getty Images

While she says she’s currently on a “blue mascara wave,” Moss generally likes to keep her routine simple on days when she’s not shooting, listing an eyelash curler, a brightening concealer, and a moisturizing lip tint as her must-haves. “I love Candy Glaze,” the model says of YSL’s lip gloss-lipstick hybrid. “I like the nude shades and the ones that offer a pop of color. They’re so perfect to carry around and they’re easy to apply straight from the bullet.” She adds that hydrating, skin care-infused products are her favorites, because she likes easy, multitasking formulas.

Her hair routine is refreshingly low-key too, except traveling with her go-to shampoo and conditioner is a non-negotiable. “I try to stay away from masks and things like that because I find your hair gets dependent on them,” Moss says. “My hair [gets limp] quite easy and it’s hard when you’re traveling to use the hotel shampoos and conditions, so I try to bring my favorites with me. I love Virtue Labs Full Shampoo and Conditioner.”

Ahead, the makeup, skin care, and hair care essentials Moss relies on in-between shoot days.

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