Kristen Stewart’s Smiley Face Slippers Would Make For A Cozy Holiday Gift

They’re only $22.

BG005/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images
Kristen Stewart is seen on October 20, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

Fascinatingly enough, 2021’s footwear trends have split into two polar-opposite camps. There’s the rise of party shoes — envision shimmering disco ball-like booties, platforms as lofty as can be, and heels that bring out your inner pop diva. Conversely, comfort-centric footwear has also experienced a major spike in popularity. Take, for example, how the divisive, you-either-love-them-or-you-don’t Crocs are experiencing a resurgence (you can thank Kendall Jenner for that). Similarly, house slippers have also become a go-to shoe amongst trendsetters — look to Kristen Stewart and her smiley face slippers, for instance.

The Spencer star recently wore a cozy pair of slip-ons by Public Desire, thereby tapping into 2021’s comfycore phenomenon. Since Stewart’s slippers boasted a sunny yellow and grinning motif, they also embodied the year-long trend of joyful dressing, making her footwear a two-for-one trending number. The other components of her outfit — an ink-colored jacket by Alpha Industries, ripped baggy jeans, and a black knit crewneck — also reflected the relaxed vibe found in her footwear. For accessories, she carried Herschel Supply Co.’s black oversized tote and wore Garret Leigh’s Marian sunnies in a shadowy gray hue. Lastly, Jillian Dempsey’s Lip Locket Necklace — which has become a utilitarian, wear-everyday staple for Stewart — hung from her neck.

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The actor employed two noticeable fashion tricks while stepping out in her textured and recent laid-back footwear. First, there was her styling — since she wore her smiley footwear with casual pieces, the outfit felt cohesive. Second, the graphic nature of her footwear made the shoe feel a bit more appropriate for an out-of-home setting. (As of late, fashion girls have been adopting a neutral, more minimalistic approach to integrating slippers into their shoe collection — Gigi Hadid, for one, is partial to a pair of beige UGG slip-ons.) Stewart’s Public Desire slippers adopted a vibrant and graphic look, one that aligns with the ongoing optimistic dressing trend. Her shoes were refreshing and felt like an unexpected, yet welcome, boost of joy.

Ahead you’ll discover Stewart’s exact pair of slippers, which are currently on sale for only $21.99. Also included below are additional slippers that have similar eye-catching designs and follow the same cheerful vein as the actor’s smiley pair.

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