Newly Engaged Couple Kristen Stewart & Dylan Meyer Already Dress So Alike

They both channel laid-back vibes.

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Dylan Meyer and Kristen Stewart in New York.

Kristen Stewart now has two memorable moments from November 2021 that she can treasure forever. First, her highly anticipated Princess Diana film Spencer will be released on Nov. 5. Second, or more importantly on Nov. 2, Stewart revealed to Howard Stern that she got engaged to screenwriter Dylan Meyer. The duo dated for over two years and though Stewart mentioned in 2019 that she was ready to propose, it was actually Meyer who popped the question IRL. The two have the most laid-back personalities and Stewart and Meyer’s couple style are already so in sync. When it comes to clothes they definitely speak the same love language. (They both have an affinity for vintage tees, jeans, and low-top sneakers.)

In fact for her wedding day look, don’t expect Stewart to be in a Princess Di-inspired gown. She revealed to Stern that her plan is to wear her favorite pair of Levi’s and an old T-shirt with a tuxedo print on it. There’s no word yet on what Meyer will wear, though you can expect her to be as equally low-key with her bridal ensemble, too. Fans might be sad about not seeing Stewart in a more elaborate wedding outfit, but her train of thought is expected. Stewart and Meyer both approach dressing with a laissez-faire attitude (saved for the red carpet, where Stewart dials it up a notch in glamorous Chanel dresses) and they seemingly prioritize comfort first via loose-fitted T-shirts and casual sneakers.

Aside from the two embodying a similar fashion aesthetic, the pair also share common interests. Meyer, in addition to being a writer, is also an actor and has starred in short films like The Death and Return of Superman, Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling, and Jem Reacts to the New Jem and the Holograms Trailer. The multi-hypenate lives in Los Angeles and shares the same passion for the city as Stewart does. Plus, they already have mutual friends as the pair reconnected at a pal’s birthday party in 2019 (Stewart and Meyer first met on a movie set.) It seems the romantic stars are aligned for these two.

Check out their complementary street style outfits, below, and then stay tuned for the pair’s wedding day looks.

A Head-To-Toe Matching Outfit

On Oct. 26, Meyer paid a sweet tribute to Stewart and her dedication in bringing Princess Diana to life for Spencer. The couple laid side-by-side in matching white tees and black jeans with their hairs in buns.

Edgy Golf Attire

Stewart and Meyer didn’t wear your typical preppy golfer looks. While Stewart opted for trousers, a zip-up jacket, and a baseball cap, Meyer wore ripped fishnet stockings with shorts and a band tee.

Cropped T-Shirts & Shorts


The easygoing couple matched in cropped T-shirts and shorts on a summer day in Los Angeles.

Leggings All Day, Every Day


The pair has no qualms about wearing leggings. Meyer styled her bottoms with a designer Gucci tee while Stewart chose a cropped gray top.

Tinted-Rim Sunglasses


Circle sunglasses are a trademark accessory for the duo. Here, they both wore a pair with colored rims.

Ankle Socks


The two chose to wear cropped T-shirts that matched the color of each other’s shoes. Stewart wore a white top with black oxfords and Meyer wore a black shirt with her white Converse kicks. They also both styled the footwear with their socks showing.

Straight-Leg Jeans


The two wore straight-leg jeans with low-top sneakers while out and about in Los Angeles. Meyer opted for a pair of blue bottoms while Stewart chose a gray-black option.

A White Tee & Jacket Combo


Meyer opted for a striped blazer to wear over her T-shirt and jeans look while Stewart wore a collared blue jacket. Here, the pair differed slightly in their shoe choice — with Stewart in a pair of Converse sneakers and Meyer in lace-up combat boots.

Colorful Vans


Colorful Vans low-top kicks were the focal point in their summertime looks. Meyer went with primary red while Stewart wore blue.

White Sneakers


As much as they love a colorful pair of sneakers, they also keep the neutral options on standby. As evidenced here, the pair ditched their white tops in favor of white kicks. Meyer even matched her bag to her footwear.

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