Hailey Bieber's Mesmerizing Galaxy Nails Are the Next Best Thing to Space Travel

One giant leap for womankind.

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Hailey Bieber is not-so-quietly taking over the fashion and beauty world. For starters, she's been everywhere recently — the 24-year-old has starred in campaigns for major brands like BareMinerals, and posed on the cover of the world's most well-known magazines. All the while, delivering serious beauty and style inspo on her Instagram account, which serves an audience of a whopping 38 million followers. On occasion, followers get a peek at the model’s (always on trend) manicure. This week Hailey Bieber’s galaxy nails were the model’s contribution to the ever-changing landscape of beauty trends.

In celebration of spooky season, Baldwin donned an extraterrestrial-style mani, curtsy of celebrity manicurist and Russian native Lisa Kon, who shared an up-close photo of The manicure uncannily resembles the shimmery teal, black, and blue colors of a far-away galaxy. Believe it or not, Kon brought the magical nail look to life using a polish that only costs $15. The single gel nail polish from the artist's signature gel polish: the Infinity Range in 9D Cateyes 05 worked overtime to create this sleek, captivating manicure. Teamed with her highly sought after Russian manicure technique, the finished result looks out-of-this-world. Get an up-close look at the design below:

"With this gel polish, you can create unusual effects on the nail," Kon tells TZR exclusively in regards to the model's galaxy nails. "For example, using a special coating technique and a very small magnet, I created Hailey's curved line effect.”

After the appointment, the Arizona native shared a short video clip of the design to her Instagram Story.


Bieber's galaxy manicure is the minimalist version of Megan Thee Stallion’s nails debuted in September. Both creations are intricate and visually compelling, but the rapper's design featured many different colors and details like itty-bitty rhinestone embellishments. Clearly, outer space-themed nails are in for the season.

Inspired? Shop Bieber’s exact shade of nail polish below, but keep in mind that you might need the assistance of an expert manicurist to recreate her design (unless you’ve got some really impressive nail skills under your belt; in that case, maybe contact Kon for hire).

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