The Surprising (But Genius) Storage Solution Kourtney Kardashian Uses In Her Bathroom

You’ll never run out of space again.

Kourtney Kardashian / Instagram

When it comes to adding storage to a bathroom, there are a few typical solutions you probably think of first. The most obvious is a vanity, though cabinet mirrors, rolling carts, and over-the-toilet shelves are also commonly used pieces. The one item you probably haven’t considered using however, is a bookshelf — that is, until you’ve taken a good look at Kourtney Kardashian’s pristine bathroom space.

Sure, you may think that hiding all your stuff behind closed doors is the best solution. But if the Poosh founder has anything to say on the subject, it’s that built-in cabinets aren’t always better. The proof is in the reality TV star’s Instagram, in which she shared a photo of her own bathroom on March 11. The scene showed Kardashian languishing in a bath, which was enviable enough — but it was the pair of tall black bookshelves flanking the tub that really stole the show.

The storage choice is an unusual one, to be sure; many people would balk at the thought of showing off their toiletries unnecessarily. Yet if your vanity’s short on space, Kardashian’s solution is actually a great way to stow your more uniform items — and can even add some style to the often-ignored room.

In the 41-year-old’s own home, the shelves are primarily used for housing stacks of towels, a great way to add a spa-like feel to any room (just be sure they’re all one color). That said, Kardashian also utilizes the furniture pieces to store skincare, proving that it is possible to show off your face creams and still maintain a tidy space. And though she doesn’t use this method herself, you could also invest in several baskets to hide everything away if you can’t stand the thought of bottles and jars out in the open.

It’s true that not many people have Kardashian-sized houses, so this solution certainly isn’t feasible for everyone. That said, it’s pretty common to have awkward, empty areas in your bathroom no matter how big or small it is, so tailoring this idea to your particular spot can make for an easy way to add several inches (or even feet) of storage. All you need is a bookshelf or two the size of your unused space and voila — you have a Kardashian-approved organization method that’s both stylish and unexpected. Shop a few options, ahead.

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