Kim Kardashian Is Bringing This Low-Maintenance Color Trend Back

by Sara Spruch-Feiner

Most people have spent the year itching for a single opportunity to get back in the chair of their hair stylist or colorist. Then again, Kim Kardashian is not most people. With the world's top beauty professionals at her beck and call, Kardashian has changed her hair color multiple times even over the past year going from a blunt black bob to various takes on balayage. The latest transformation? Kardashian's new 'bronde' hue whipped up by Chris Appleton in an Instagram post.

Appleton captioned the post "I took kims color a lighter bronde over Christmas, secret to keeping it cool is adding the darker base at the root. 💫" Kardashian's hair is in a high ponytail which serves to highlight the contrast between her dark brown roots and the minky, 'bronde' of the cascading lengths. Kardashian's sheer shirt in complementary colors and her neutral makeup (a pinky-nude lip and a jet black cat-eye) only amplify the overall effect of the look.

If Kardashian and Appleton are bringing 'bronde' back, it's safe to say, it's going to be everywhere soon — and it actually makes perfect sense for right now. The transitional colors in this look make it low-maintenance, so you don't have to stress as much about when your next color appointment may be—the visible roots are part of the look.

Lower maintenance hairstyles, whether it's visible roots, or longer lengths are set to be on trend throughout the year, while many won't have regular access to beauty treatments. Fortunately, however, looks like these offer proof that simple doesn't necessarily mean giving up glamour.

And though (unfortunately) not everyone can have Appleton on speed dial, if you want to emulate the look, bring this photo to your colorist (whenever that's possible to do safely) and make sure you shout out the star stylist's advice and ask to keep your roots darker.