Kerry Washington’s Simple Smoky Eye Can Survive Even The Hottest Outdoor Events

She looks smokin’.

Kerry Washington outdoor summer holding balloons

Totally unfazed by the looming threat of Halloween decorations ready to fill up store aisles, Kerry Washington’s summer of casual glamour stops for no one. It’s actually beyond impressive — her 2,600-post Instagram feed delivers better garden party fashion and beauty inspiration than the whole of Pinterest. A small part of it is how perfectly-manicured and lush her private oasis of a backyard is, sure, but Washington’s ability to infuse summery chicness into everyday life is a straight-up talent. Kerry Washington’s simple smoky eye — complete with curled lashes and a bit of sultry liner smudged just so — walks the tightrope between going-out drama and daytime relaxed. With a full 30 days of summer still stretching out ahead, there’s still time to adopt the Washington warm-weather glam playbook and recreate the look at home.

One of the best components of Washington’s sumptuous backyard look is the brilliant balance between her smokier, deeper eye and the delicate shade of bare-there, cool-toned pink on her lips. The color is just dreamy next to her textured, kelly green high-necked tank, but it’s her glossy, moisturized curls that inject the ideal dose of natural, summery irreverence — especially the playful bang-length ringlets skimming her lashes.

Notably, Washington’s largely left her always-glowing complexion mostly untouched save for what looks like a bit of tone-evening color correction with concealer or a very light foundation. She’s a documented fan of balancing stronger eye looks with more subdued lip colors (and vice-versa, of course) but the careful restraint in application and shades used here make this an ideal outdoor party look. By using falsies, Washington’s ensured she won’t end up with any mascara streaks, and the artful eyeliner smudging through her upper and lower lash lines isn’t so structured that it’d fall apart with the first few drops of sweat.

Everyone knows Washington’s business mind is wickedly sharp, but her makeup strategizing skills are just as honed. The upcoming season change will make it hard to say goodbye to Summer Kerry Washington, but does anyone else have a feeling that her fall looks are about to be even better?