Katie Holmes’ Take On *The* ‘90s Updo Puts Every TikTok Star To Shame


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Katie Holmes tight curls and blazer 2023

The idea of “quiet glamour” — that is, subtle indicators of opulence, like perfect tailoring or an exotic signature scent — has always been Katie Holmes’ wheelhouse. For years now, the low-key star has favored soft makeup, beach waves, and relaxed outfit choices that are undoubtedly luxe, but on the more unassuming end of the spectrum. Something shifted around 2021, though — Holmes’ glamour is officially loud and proud, and yielding some of her all-time best looks. Katie Holmes’ sultry ‘90s updo and bright red lipstick at an April 10 film screening or her new film, Rare Objects, says everything. On the heels of several back-to-back experimental hairstyles, this look is all the more exciting. Holmes’ commitment to evolving her aesthetic as she grows and changes as a person is the hallmark of an icon.

Holmes’ trendy updo comes courtesy of her go-to celebrity hairstylist, DJ Quintero. He’s created some of her most noteworthy looks of the past several years, including Holmes’ sleek braid for a late-night show taping and that micro-bangs moment at the Tom Ford show last September. Quintero again struck a perfect balance between sexy and sophisticated at the Rare Objects premiere, with plenty of bedhead texture and face-framing tendrils trailing down Holmes’ contoured cheeks and jawline.

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So much of the style relies on the walking the razor-fine line between artfully messy and sloppy messy, but Holmes and Quintero can practically dance across it at this point. Of course, the brilliant shade of orange-toned red lipstick, applied by celebrity makeup artist Genevieve Herr helps ensure the right amount of polish.

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Holmes’ updo is not only chic, but very trendy, too. After Hulu’s Pam & Tommy series and Netflix’s Pamela: A Love Story documentary, renewed interest in Pamela Anderson’s signature look from the ‘90s helped the sultry, messy bun and dark smoky eye makeup return to the zeitgeist. Every TikTokker with access to a claw clip tried their hand at recreating the style, but it might be time to officially retire those tutorials now — Holmes’ version is the be-all and end-all.