October’s Best Hair Launches Are All About Scalp Health & Serious Shine

October’s very own.

REVERIE model facing away from camera, washing hair in shower

It’s been (rather famously) asked how exactly one measures a year — daylights, sunsets, midnights, and cups of coffee have all been proposed. But as great as those quantifiers are, things have to be done a little bit differently when dealing with months. In this case, TZR is measuring the time by a personal favorite metric: October’s best new hair products. Since the first of the month, there’s been a deluge of top-quality hair care products released in every imaginable category: shampoos, styling pastes, masks, brow serums, and virtually everything in between.

And if there were ever a perfect time to stock up on new hair care products, October would certainly be it. With the just-cool-enough weather free of summer’s frizz-inducing humidity and much colder temperatures ahead, it’s a sweet spot to try both the elaborate styles you’ve been screenshotting and some thick, fortifying serums and masks, too. So regardless of if you’re after a holy grail styling product to construct the braided updo of your dreams or simply looking to replace an old favorite shampoo with something more nourishing, October has a new hair care release with your name all over it. Scroll on for the hands-down best new hair products of October 2021, all in one place.

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