Jennifer Lopez’s Christmas Party Pedicure Is In The Last Color You’d Expect

Moody yet merry.

Jennifer Lopez christmas tree 2023

There’s festive, and then there’s the Jennifer Lopez version of festive. It’s a little more detail-oriented and certainly more luxe, but what sets her celebratory style apart is an unwavering commitments to the season’s chicest trends. She effortlessly folds them into the more traditional looks she loves, too. Enter Lopez’s latest winter pedicure color, a glossy, inky black that serves as the perfect contrast to the metallic glitter-tinged outfit she wore posing in front of her massive Christmas decorations.

Like the gold and silver ornaments trimming the tree she poses by, Lopez’s look centers around mixed metals, a holiday favorite. Even her platform Gucci heels are coated in shimmery silver sparkles, which makes the jet-black nails peeking out from the peep-toe cutouts seem all the more striking. It’d be sleek and chic regardless of anything else, but it just so happens that Lopez’s pedicure color palette is very much in-line with a newer, celebrity loved trend: Gothmas. It’s all the festive fun of Christmas, but with a wintry, moody undercurrent that heightens all the drama. Partaking in the craze can be as simple as swapping out a cherry-red lipstick for a deeper-toned counterpart, or as major as a full-blown Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired decor setup around the house.


On Lopez’s end, she’s certainly subscribed to the less-intense end of the Gothmas spectrum. She tends to favor shimmery, gilded touches for the holiday season, but this dark, unexpected nail color is a fun way to break up all that metallic sparkle. Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik created the perfectly-shaped pedicure, sharing on social media that he used Mia’s Secret gel polish in shade Black on the “This Is Me Now” singer.

It must be noted, though, that the pedicure is a bit of a departure from some of her other holiday-inspired nail looks. Just last year, Lopez made headlines with her opulent crystal-studded toenails, with gold and bronze Swarovski beads speckling her teddy-brown polish color.


If red, green, or even gold feels too on-the-nose, consider pulling a Lopez and pivot into a shade decidedly darker.