Blink & You’ll Miss All The Hidden Details In Jennifer Lopez’s Gucci Manicure

She thought of everything.

Jennifer Lopez baseball cap

From the moment the project was announced, fans knew that Jennifer Lopez’s This Is Me...Now album and its accompanying movie, a project somewhere between a narrative film and an extended music video, would be a wild ride from start to finish. With every new detail that emerged — love letters from Ben Affleck were used in the script! Fat Joe plays her therapist! — interest grew. Everyone knew the looks would be a major draw, but no one expected the level of intricacy that ultimately wound up on-screen. Lopez’s custom Gucci nails are a prime example, too. Used in scenes that harken back to her early days growing up in the Bronx, the carefully-designed manicure not only matches her outfit in those sequences, but feature a few special touches that deserve extra attention.

In the movie, Lopez’s character is speaking to her therapist about a dream she had about living in her “old neighborhood where we grew up.” The scene shifts to her walking along the subway tracks at the Castle Hill stop up in the Bronx — the borough from which Lopez famously hails. She’s clad in a Gucci jacket with athletic stripes running down the arms, and as she goes to remove her oversized sunglasses, you can see that the designer pattern is all over her nails, too.


In the dark, ominous dream sequence, it’s difficult to get a good, up-close look at the nails. Fortunately, Tom Bachik, Lopez’s go-to artist who created all the manicures for the movie, shared well-lit shots of the finished product. The set features the iconic interlocking Gs logo, of course, but some nails have tighter versions of the pattern, some are etched with the brand’s snake and bee motifs, while still another has the Gucci Gs as a gold 3D charm for added texture and shine.


The best nail, though, might be the blinged-out New York Yankees logo, the most brilliant homage to Lopez’s Bronx heritage as well as the ‘00s trends from her early days in the spotlight. Of course, the Gucci-inspired set is one of several custom manicures created by Bachik for This Is Me...Now, and they’re all equally elaborate.

If your weekend plans aren’t set just set, consider this a sign from the universe to get your group together for a showing of the movie on Amazon Prime. Trust and believe — that night it will become a core memory among your friends.