Jennifer Garner Just Proved Your Dream Reading Nook Doesn’t Require Much Space At All

Small but mighty.

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“Book nooks” and reading spaces have become a status symbol of sorts. Thanks to their intimacy and the fact that they can provide a small-but-needed respite from children, roommates, and the goings on of the house, these areas are experiencing a boom in interest of epic proportions. Yet while they are called “nooks,” it does sometimes seem like these carved-out hideaways require more square footage than most people have. Here to prove that belief wrong, however, is Jennifer Garner’s new reading nook — a spot in her home that shows that a tiny corner and lots of cozy vibes are really all you need.

Garner took to Instagram over the weekend to show off the space, which looked straight out of a country cottage scene. In the video, you can see a built-in shelf (laden with books, obviously), a plush window seat, and a stunning stream of light coming through a set of stained glass windows. And though that last detail was clearly the point of the post — “Isn’t this the prettiest stained glass?” wrote the actor in the caption — the entire setup is worth a double take.

Apparently designed by Brooke and Steve Giannetti (who Garner tagged in the post), the corner is small but mighty — and a testament to the reality that you only need a few feet to create a truly dreamy reading nook of your own. As the image shows, the 49-year-old’s space merely includes a large bench built into an alcove. In fact, it’s basically just big enough to fit her, a dog (necessary), and a few pillows.

Yes, Garner’s reading nook may still be on the luxury end; after all, not everyone can afford to have a seat custom-made to fit their home. Still, it can be easily recreated, and in the smallest of spaces — you just need a few similar elements to make your own. Obviously, *some* space is necessary. That said, all that’s required is an area that’s big enough to fit your body (ideally located near a light source). Then, add some sort of seat: A bench, a small chair, or even a simple floor cushion will do. Last but not least, incorporate some books via a shelf, a basket, or just a stack. You only need a few to provide those essential reading nook vibes.

Here, some basics to get you started.

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