Indya Moore Is The Beauty Muse An Entire Generation’s Been Waiting For

They’re YSL Beauty’s freshest new face.

Indya Moore laying down with roses

At this point, it’d be far easier to list the things (if there even are any) that Indya Moore can’t do. Their resume is a mile-long, stuffed with the sorts of high-profile gigs, jobs, and roles, that even the most established actors long for. Moore’s beauty, singular and striking, turns heads everywhere. But it’s their presence and self-possession, coupled with a standout talent, that has made Moore one of the most popular and beloved stars of their generation. Now, with news that Indya Moore joins YSL Beauty in a new campaign celebrating a high-tech, just-launched mascara, their face isn’t just a beautiful canvas for top-rated makeup — it’s a force for good, promoting individuality and redefining beauty standards.

The campaign is centered around YSL Beauty’s latest launch, the patent-pending Lash Clash Mascara. Pumping lashes up to their maximum volume and length with a specialized brush designed to coat every hair, the results are shockingly dramatic, like staggeringly realistic falsies — minus ever having to mess with that always-tricky glue.

“Bigger. Bolder. Better. That’s my philosophy in life and what I will carry into this partnership with YSL Beauty,” says Moore in a press release announcing the partnership. “We share a passion for superior beauty products that let a person express themselves powerfully and authentically, and I’m thrilled to take on this new journey and participate in this new wave for YSL Beauty.”

YSL Beauty

The mascara is already raking in the five-star reviews, and even Moore was surprised at just how transformative the more-is-more formula is. “Being an actress, I’ve always worn make up for work, and I’ve picked up some skills along the way,” Moore explained to Nylon. “Mascara was always one of the least intimidating beauty products to me, but I never found myself feeling transformed from it, until YSL Beauty’s Lash Clash. The volume it creates makes my eyes pop, without the clumping or smudging — it’s my new go-to.”

YSL Beauty

Moore joins Euphoria star Barbie Ferreira as a face of the new mascara, both U.S. ambassadors for YSL Beauty as a whole. It’s already been a huge few years for Moore, who’s segued their modeling portfolio and lauded acting on FX’s smash-hit series Pose into a slew of upcoming film roles. Expect to see a lot more of the young celebrity, whose star power seems to get bigger and brighter with every passing day.