Forget Micro Bobs — Gabrielle Union Just Got A Nano Cut

Short, chic, spectacular.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 09: Gabrielle Union attends Burberry Knight Bar Event in NoHo on Novem...

There’s got to be something in the air other than early spring allergens. Everyone in Hollywood seems to have caught the bob bug, overcome with the urge to go for daring cuts, short, chic lengths, and entirely new styles to match. Though she’s always been one to march to her own beat, the always-stylish Gabrielle Union isn’t impervious to a fun beauty trend, and thank gosh for that because her new haircut is an all-time great. Union’s short bob started out as a true lob, falling right at or just past her shoulders. Now, though, it’s so fantastically close-cropped that you couldn’t even call it it a micro bob — it’s more like a nano.

Union’s been teasingly increasingly shorter cuts over the past few weeks, finally culminating in a length that just barely ends past her ears. She gave her near-22 million Instagram followers an up-close look at her hair in a series of sultry mirror selfies, cryptically captioned, “I can show you better than I can tell you.” It’s likely that Union’s longtime hairstylist and Flawless By Gabrielle Union partner Larry J. Sims is behind the chop — and all the cuts leading up to this one.


To fully appreciate the cool, tousled texture and exciting length of Union’s bob, it’s critical to journey to the last few months and how her hair looked. In January, she was working a medium-length look, with the ends falling about two to three inches past her shoulders. Then, roughly six weeks later, she was sporting a classic, traditional-length bob — and looking incredible while doing so. This even shorter cut might just be her final form, but there’s no telling what the aesthetically experimental star could be cooking up for the rest of spring.

Union in January.@gabunion
Union in February.@gabunion

In the past month alone, Penelope Cruz, Keke Palmer, Sydney Sweeney, and plenty of others have hopped on the short hair craze — with Union’s co-sign, expect the trend to keep getting bigger and bigger.