Gabrielle Union’s In Her Blue Period With This Luxe Manicure Color

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Gabrielle Union selfie

If denim is societally accepted as the ultimate goes-with-anything pants, by that logic, wouldn’t a blue manicure be just as universal? Especially with a shade that evokes your favorite pair of medium-wash jeans. The increasingly warm weather usually calls for a sky-colored shade or something notably bright, but Gabrielle Union’s royal blue nails might just be the sleeper hit of the entire summer season. Spotted on the star as she participated in a panel discussion on women’s health advocacy in New York on April 11, her nail color reflected the serious, professional nature of the event while offering the perfect amount of aesthetic levity at the same time.

For the conference, facilitated and organized by the Publicis Health Media agency, Union was sharply dressed in a barley-colored jacket and pants suit set, with a sleek white tank blouse beneath it and a pair of trendy, chunky loafers. The pairing of her yellow-toned outfit with the luminous blue on her fingernails is a brilliantly complementary combination — each color makes the other look brighter without clashing or one stealing all the focus. Notably, Union opted for the polish painted over what appears to be her own natural nails. They’re well-maintained and softly rounded, just barely peaking over her fingertips for a fresh, subtle look.

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

The short nail look is a very popular one among stylish civilians and celebrities alike, with the style slowly starting to edge out equally-chic extensions and tips. Blues are trending across the board right now too, but Union’s particular polish shade is still a unique one. Stars like Mariah Carey, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Keke Palmer have all worn blue eyeshadow over the past few weeks, Megan Fox dyed her hair a “faded denim” shade, and Union’s friend Dakota Johnson was spotted shopping with a sky-colored manicure at the very start of spring. But while very light and very dark blues are often seen on A-listers, Union’s in-between color is a rarer — and as such, cooler — find.

The celebrity proclivity toward blue is indicative that it’ll be an it color of the summer, but trust Union to find a way to make even a massive craze feel distinct and different.