Dakota Johnson’s Soft Blue Nail Color Is A Breath Of Fresh Spring Air

The perfect shade.

Dakota Johnson long nails

Oh, to be a cool pants-wearing Dakota Johnson, gliding her way through Los Angeles on a sunny early spring day. After a delightfully chaotic press tour for Madame Web yielding plenty of sleek, sultry outfits and hilarious soundbites alike, the actor-producer seems to be enjoying a well-deserved break — and she’s doing it in style. It’s not too often that Johnson, who has such a signature aesthetic that it’s become a meme, shakes up her favorites, but her newest manicure is proof that she’s venturing outside her color scheme comfort zone for the impending warm weather.

Johnson’s light blue nails were spotted as she shopped at home California, which is significant for a few reasons. There’s the soft, faded color itself, like a pair of worn-in bellbottoms from the ‘70s (seemingly her favorite decade to reference), already poised to be an it-shade for spring. The retro-feeling color is very much aligned with her trademark style, but it’s rare that she wears anything outside of a milk bath manicure, traditional French tips, or the occasional vampy oxblood. Then there’s Johnson’s nail length and style to consider as well. She’s almost always spotted with long, almond-shaped extensions, but it sure looks like she’s gone the natural route this time around.


The nails barely peek over Johnson’s fingertips, adding to the low-key, very cool feel of the manicure in general. According to the pros, expect to see plenty more pastel-adjacent polishes popping up on your favorite stars in coming months. As Amy Ling Lin, founder of Sundays, told TZR back in late February, this spring is all about referencing nature and the soft-colored blooms that come with the season. “Beauty and fashion trends often mirror the natural shades of the environment,” she explained. It makes sense, then, that Johnson’s breezy blue would be such a standout. Similarly, duckling yellow, cherry blossom pink, sage green, and faded peach are all expected to be big deals this spring.

Is this the start of a whole new era for Johnson and her manicures? Frankly, it’s hard not to tune in or get excited about anything she does — those Madame Web theaters are still packed despite it all, no?