On The Fence About Bangs? Gabrielle Union Has A Solution For The Indecisive

Step away from the scissors.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 01: Gabrielle Union poses at the opening night of the new play "Ain't ...

It’s the age-old question, one that seems to float back up into your brain every few months without fail — are bangs a good idea? The bangs specter seems to haunt everyone, even celebrities, but their access to best-of-the-best hairstylists can make the process a little easier. Gabrielle Union’s fake bangs hack is one she’s utilized a few times before, but the results are always incredible. By taking a page out of her book, bangs can be yours for one night only or inspire a permanent chop. Short haircuts will always grow out, sure, but with Union’s failsafe move, you can have the best of both worlds.

In many cases, a straight-across fringe, universally-flattering curtain bangs, retro side-bangs, and even ultra-trendy micro-bangs end up looking incredible. But the whole reason they take so long to mull over is because bangs really can be a swing-and-miss. Notably, this has never really applied to Gabrielle Union. With her movie star features and incredibly chic wardrobe, the list of what Union can’t pull off is nanoscopic if it even exists at all. But as one of the most lauded beauty chameleons to ever live, Union is dedicated to constantly changing up her look, hair and all — which means bangs are a true commitment. Rather than going for the real deal, she and her team of experts are able to experiment with every length and style out there. Most recently, for an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, Union simulated the look of lush, curly bangs with the help of a strategically placed updo.

The fun, romantic updo was created by celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims, the mastermind behind many of Union’s most memorable and creative looks. By pulling the bulk of the curly ponytail over her scalp Sims was able to arrange the pseduo-bangs across her forehead and down to one side, complete with ethereal tendrils trailing her sculpted bone structure. Paired with amethyst eyeshadow and gleaming cheek highlight, it’s another flawless moment for the movie star-hair care mogul.

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Lately, more and more celebrities have been leaning into the ponytail-bangs trick, including Kylie Jenner’s look at the Schiaparelli show and Jisoo’s at Dior’s couture presentation. Easy enough for most to recreate at home with some gel, a boar bristle brush, and plenty of hair pins, it’s the foolproof way to try bangs on for size — no scissors required.