Eva Longoria’s Manicure Du Jour Goes All-In On Serious Shine

The perfect polish.

Eva Longoria long nails

At this point in her career, Eva Longoria’s worn every color, finish, and length of manicure out there — probably a few times over, too. As the actor-director-entrepreneur explained to TZR herself in late 2023, it’s because her nails were unadorned for so many years on the Desperate Housewives set. Now that she has the freedom to try out all sorts of different shades, she’s all-in on some of the biggest mani trends of the moment. But even when she’s keeping things simple, her choices are always worth a peek. Longoria has “lip gloss nails” at the moment, a rich, high-shine nude that’s reigned over the celebrity set for a little over a year now. Once you see Longoria’s look, though, you’ll understand why it has such a grip on seemingly everyone right now.

To Longoria’s credit, the specific shade she wears on her hands stands out especially well thanks to her ribbed, sleeveless top in the exact same color. It creates a sleek, seamless effect that plays beautifully off her skin’s undertones. That’s essentially the crux of the lip gloss nails trend. Select a shade similar to your natural complexion, top it with tons of shine, and it’ll look like you’re wearing the manicure equivalent to your favorite your-lips-but-better products.


The nails were spotted in a TikTok filmed by Longoria and re-posted on Instagram Reels. The pale, pinky-nude is stunning, but only part of the equation. Her shape of choice is a long, soft almond, and it’s the perfect canvas for showing off the lip gloss technique. Shorter styles have become increasingly popular in recent months, but there’s no denying the power of a little extra nail real estate. It’s especially key for Longoria, who loves to coat her fingernails in chrome powders, high-shine topcoats, and the season’s most sought-after colors.

If you’re a minimalist who still appreciates the elevated approach, consider trying out the lip gloss trend for yourself. There’s no design or detailing required for a head-turning look — just the single shiniest polish you can get your hands on.