Emma Roberts Found A Genius Use For Outdoor Rugs You Haven’t Considered

Your yard parties are about to get so much more chic.

Emma Roberts / Instagram

Since outdoor entertaining has become the best way to host small gatherings these days, people have gotten truly creative. In terms of decor, that's actually been a good thing — rather than stick to the classics, many have gone all out thinking up new and safe ways of coming together that are worth copying even once the pandemic has ended. But since physically distanced outdoor parties are still a safer way of seeing friends, you'll probably want to begin trying out some of those decorating tricks now, especially since spring is just around the corner. A good one to start with? Emma Roberts' layered rugs, which she recently showed off in a sweet Instagram post.

In a Valentine's Day tribute to her partner Garrett Hedlund (and father of baby son, Rhodes Robert Hedlund), the actor posted a photo of the two lounging on a grassy area during her magic garden-themed baby shower back in October. According to Elle, the outdoor, distanced party featured a plethora of adorable decor: mushroom-shaped cookies, Tory Burch home pieces, and roses hanging from ribbons. The under-appreciated star of it all, however, was Roberts' layered outdoor rugs, which sat underneath both furniture and guests as chic protection from the yard.

This design decision wasn't just cute, though — it was a genius addition for a few reasons. Not only is it a great way to protect furniture from getting dirty, it can also serve as extra seating if there aren't enough chairs, or if people would just prefer to lounge on the ground, picnic style (bonus points if you add some cushions on top like the 30-year-old did in her own yard). And though there's no word if Roberts actually did this with her guests, you could also use it as a way help people stay six feet apart by placing each rug the correct distance from one another.

While you wouldn't want to make layered rugs a permanent addition to your yard (chances are, they wouldn't last long if you did), this Roberts-inspired look can be a fun, chic way to give small outdoor get-togethers a cozy, low-key vibe. So if you're currently planning your own (or just thinking of having a date night on the lawn next time it's warm), continue on to shop some of TZR's favorite outdoor rugs below.

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