Dua Lipa's Newest Manicure Is The Very *Definition* Of Decadence

Talk about a goldmine.

Dua Lipa posing at grammys with glitter nails

Dua Lipa always had a Midas touch. There’s her music career, of course, which is speckled with No. 1s, viral hits, and blockbuster videos. Lipa’s also already cemented herself as a fashion darling and industry It-girl just a handful of years into her career, making her Instagram like an entire, trend-based social media unto itself — check out what Lipa’s posting today for insight on what everyone will be posting next month. It’s there on her Instagram that followers have been treated to a revolving door of never-ending nail inspiration for literal years now, but Dua Lipa’s gold nails — her latest set and possibly her final mani of 2021 — is a very literal representation of what fans have known since her debut: everything Lipa touches turns to gold. Or, in the case of her records, platinum.

This newest nail set — a reflective, solid-looking gold — is something of a color and style departure for the popstar. For months now, Lipa’s gravitated towards fun and colorful variations on a classic, thick French manicure. For a while, she was all about shimmery greens, metallic chromes, and multicolored patterns. Not only are these gold nails one of her new monochromatic manis of 2021, but their all-over shine shows off some low-key details, too.

The shape is styled to look like the gold is practically molten, dripping off Lipa’s fingers like ten tiny 24-karat accessories — and knowing Lipa’s love of luxury, it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that was actually the case. While it’s still unclear which manicurist created this metallic masterpiece, there are a few solid guesses.

First up is nail artist Michelle Humphrey, who’s been responsible for many of Lipa’s greatest hits this year including her recent snake-print tips, her birthday nails, and so many of her award show looks. Another possible contender is Mei Kawajiri, who’s worked with Lipa plenty in the past and has an Instagram gallery full of 3D-accented sets. Because Lipa didn’t share any details (yet!) about the work, both the artist and nail design type are still a bit of a mystery.


One thing’s for sure though — when it comes to the holiday season and its party-filled schedule, you can’t go wrong with a gold manicure. Shimmering and eye-catching against twinkle lights, candles, sequined outfits, and coupe glasses full of similarly-colored champagne, they’re at once timeless and trendy. Kind of like Lipa herself, come to think of it.

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