The Home Edit Co-Founders On Their New CALPAK Collab & The One Piece They Can’t Live Without

"Snack bags, all day."

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Courtesy of CALPAK
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You may be familiar with Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer for their organization savvy thanks to the Netflix series Get Organized with The Home Edit, but longtime fans know that before the TV fame (and COVID-19), The Home Edit co-founders were serious travel gurus. For years, the duo has been documenting their airplane champagne consumption and hotel room sleepovers — so it makes perfect sense that the two would come together with CALPAK for a collaboration with The Home Edit (also known as THE) that features a system of travel essentials.

Yet for a partnership between a travel company and an organization brand, the collection is probably not at all what you'd expect. Rather than a bunch of luggage squares or backpacks, the new line makes up a system designed to render trips — and everyday life — easier and more comfortable.

"When we think of travel, I think most people think of suitcases and luggage squares," Shearer tells TZR over Zoom. "But we were like, 'Oh no, we need purse snacks, we need blankets, we need neck pillows, and of course we need like a million masks with us now.' It's our version of how we roll."

So that's exactly what they included. The collaboration, launching March 9, is made up of only six pieces with the goal of creating, as Teplin describes, "as much of a comfort zone as we can": a French terry sweatshirt and joggers, non-medical face masks, a shawl blanket, a neck pillow, and a set of zippered pouches. "We are not great flyers or even travelers in general, so we need every comfort possible," says Shearer. "And when we think about how we fly, we need to be in comfy clothes, Joanna needs to be wrapped up like a burrito, we need our neck pillows on. So that was the genesis."

Courtesy of CALPAK
Courtesy of CALPAK

That wasn't all the founders had in mind for the collaboration, however. Given the current widespread travel restrictions and difficulties (and just their lifestyles in general), Shearer and Teplin wanted to make sure that each piece was appropriate for everyday use as well.

"You know, right now travel might be going to the grocery store," says Shearer. "So do whatever is best for you, but a comfy sweatsuit and a mask right now? You're set. Wherever you are, you should be comfortable and have your essentials." As Teplin (who Shearer says is "not above a neck pillow on the couch") chimes in, "You can literally [use it] at your house!"

Courtesy of CALPAK

It's clear from our conversation that the two put a lot of thought into every item — though there's an obvious favorite between the both of them, if you're having trouble deciding what to buy first. "Snack bags, all day," says Shearer, referring to the $45 zippered pouch set. "I can't live without them, you know what I mean? Food is my main drive in life." (The founders also jokingly note that while they "really made them for snacks," you can use the bags to store and transport anything, from vitamins to chargers to whatever's in your purse.)

Whatever your use for the collection, though, you can rest assured that it's all essentially The Home Edit's brand come to life. It combines their signature rainbow motif with an otherwise minimalist look, makes travel more comfortable, and ensures transporting snacks is always possible. Plus, as they're known for screaming at clients about their beloved organization method, "IT'S A SYSTEM!" Or in other words, it takes the guesswork out of staying prepared and on top of it 24/7.

The collection drops on March 9 at 9 a.m. ET, and will be available to shop on calpaktravel.com — or, keep scrolling to check out each item, below.

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