Chrissy Teigen Found A Rattan Chair That Looks Appropriate For Every Season

It’s all thanks to this subtle detail.

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Chrissy Teigen / Instagram
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You only have to glance at your phone for a second to know that rattan furniture and accessories are having a big moment; the material has permeated the design space in everything from furniture to lighting, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down soon. Yet despite its popularity, the fact that this trend is inherently summery does often make it hard to work with — in fact, some might even choose to only use it seasonally, which can mean it’s fussier to decorate with than it’s worth. That said, there is a trick to making the warm-weather substance more appropriate year-round, and the proof is in Chrissy Teigen’s rattan chairs.

You may notice from looking at the Cravings founder’s Instagram post on May 10 that she sits in a swivel chair that features a cool wicker bottom. But what makes this piece seasonally agnostic is that it also features what appears to be a faux fur or shearling fabric on the top — turning the seating into not only a much more comfortable spot, but something that would look as perfect in December as it would in July.

As Kelley Mason, Manager of Creative and Content at Lulu and Georgia, told TZR previously, this is actually a common trick to making rattan seem less summery. In fact, just a sheepskin throw or a thick knit placed on a wicker chair can provide a wintry, Scandinavian feel that takes away some of the piece’s beachiness. It’s the addition of cozy texture that’s key, so you could even just pair your rattan with a plush cushion to get a similar effect.

Chrissy Teigen / Instagram

Teigen’s chairs are part of a space designed by her go-to interior designer, Jake Arnold, who also played a hand in her Instagram-friendly Cravings office. Though she doesn’t specify whether it’s her home or otherwise that’s pictured (“works in progress x 3” she teased in another post showing off the same room), it clearly has the model’s modern, Cali-cool aesthetic written all over it — right down to the cozy rattan chairs.

While sadly, neither of them have revealed the source of the seating, there’s thankfully an abundance of rattan and wicker furniture on the web — many of which feature upholstery or are simply just begging to be adorned with a sheepskin throw of their own. Here, a few of TZR’s favorites.

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