Celebrity Workouts That’ll Motivate You To Get Moving In 2024

Channel your inner Halle or Gwyneth.

celebrity workouts

Even if you’re not one to make New Year’s resolutions, it’s hard to avoid the allure of the “new year, new you” mantra, especially as it relates to health and fitness. After all, there’s nothing wrong with aspiring for a more toned physique or more energy and improved mental health, right? And, as we know — and have been likely lectured by our general medical practitioners — moving your body regularly can keep things like anxiety, depression, and fatigue at bay. So, if any resolutions stick, you definitely want it to be fitness. If you need further inspiration, the celebrity front is a great place to start. Whether they’re preparing for a world tour or their next big film role, A-listers typically have their fingers on the pulse of the workout world, so consider taking notes.

There’s of course, woman of the hour Taylor Swift who famously discussed training for her iconic Eras tour by running on a treadmill while belting her hits. And, then there’s Kerry Washington who was certified as a yoga instructor in India. And if you want Gwyneth Paltrow-level fitness, you can try the dance-cardio workout she loves by longtime trainer Tracy Anderson.

Truly these celeb exercises run the gamut, so it’s likely one of them will pique your interest for the year ahead. Take a look and take notes so you can kick the year off with a bang.

Taylor Swift


As previously mentioned, Swift was intentional about preparing for her history making Eras tour, which totaled 66 shows in America. In her Dec 6 interview with Time magazine (in which she was dubbed 2023’s Person of the Year), the Grammy winner said, “I knew this tour was harder than anything I’d ever done before by a long shot. I finally, for the very first time, physically prepared correctly.” To do this, Swift ran on a treadmill every day while singing her Eras setlist, switching up the pace of her runs to match the tempo of her tunes. She also supplemented her cardio with body building classes at her go-to fitness studio Dogpound, which has physical locations in NYC and Los Angeles. If you want to try out the brand’s unique mix of boxing, weightlifting, and kettlebell workouts, but aren’t in one of these major cities, virtual training sessions are available.

Kerry Washington

Washington has had a longtime love affair with yoga for years, and even earned her certification in India after moving to the country in college. That said, the Scandal star also enjoys throwing a bit of Pilates into the mix. In a 2015 interview with SELF magazine, Washington said the low-impact workout allows her to bring her true self. “I cry, I laugh,” she explains. “I get to go: Where is my body today? What do I need today? How can I take care of myself and push myself past my comfort zone? How can I be both loving and challenging?"

Jennifer Aniston


While Aniston has been a fitness chameleon of sorts throughout the span of her career, the star recently became a fan — and spokesperson — for high-tech fitness brand Pvolve. As the story goes, the star was introduced to the workout, which centers around low-impact movement using resistance equipment, by a friend while Aniston was recovering from a back injury. “Not only did I notice her complete transformation — physically and in her energy level — but she also explained that Pvolve’s functional fitness method respects where your body is at and allows you to work around your current limitations, so you don't have to sit on the bench and wait for full recovery,” Aniston explained in the official press release announcing her partnership.

The program’s memberships, which start at $15/month for streaming-only, include access to the virtual workouts as well as the equipment needed for your own at-home gym.

Naomi Campbell


Yes, Campbell’s sky-high cheekbones and gazelle-like figure are largely due to great genetics. However, the 53-year-old is very upfront that keeping in shape requires consistent work on her part. She’s worked with longtime trainer Joe Holder for years, and engages in a mix of cardio (jumping rope is a favorite), weightlifting (she can deadlift 105 pounds!), and strength training (she’s a fan of Pilates). Most recently, the model has been spotted at The Kamani Club, an exclusive boxing gym owned and operated by Umar Kamani, founder of Pretty Little Things, which Campbell recently partnered with. Perhaps boxing is in for 2024 for the runway star? We’ll have what she’s having.

Naomi Watts


In a 2020 interview with TZR, Watts waxxed poetic about The Class By Taryn Toomey, the buzzy emotion-filled movement class — which is a blend of cardio, strength training, and guided meditation — that is more about organic and sporadic movement and less about specific technique. “You reach your level of exhaustion both physically and mentally at the same time, and it's incredibly powerful and cathartic," explained Watts in the interview. In addition to its NYC and Los Angeles studios, The Class offers digital classes that can be done inthe comfort of your own home, so you can move about freely and peacefully.

Over the last year, the actor has also joined the pickle ball movement that took over gyms, parks, and wardrobes across the nation. In an April 2023 Instagram post, Watts captioned: “Joining the Pickle Ball craze!! Definitely my new favorite thing. Anyone else into it?”

Gwyneth Paltrow


After more than 15 years of singing the praises of the Tracy Anderson Method, we’re surprised Paltrow isn’t teaching her own class at one of the renowned studios. The actor has been loyal to the dance-cardio technique, which focuses on strengthening smaller accessory muscles in the body, since 2006 and has even converted her daughter, Apple Martin. Other celebrities who swear by Anderson’s technique — which now offers an online studio and the MyMode program, built around a “multifunctional staff, mat, disk, multi-port anchoring system — include Victoria Beckham, Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez.

Gabrielle Union

If you follow Gabrielle Union on IG, you’re likely familiar with stunning at-home gym, as well as a few of her go-to workouts. The Perfect Find star is truly in tip-top shape thanks to a diligent routine that includes cardio, interval, training, and weightlifting. Lately, she’s found her sweet spot via the FitOn app — of which she’s a spokesperson — as it offers access to a variety of workouts modalities that can be done at home with little to no equipment. In fact, Union even leads a few courses on the app, so you can literally mimic her every move.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is literal all-around goals, but particularly in the fitness realm. At 57-years-old the actor is seemingly in the best shape of her life, so who better to emulate in the new year? Luckily, following her fitness path is fairly easy, thanks to her health and wellness brand re-spin, which, in addition to exercise equipment, apparel, and diet programs, offers virtual workout sessions with top trainers that span the martial arts, dance, HIIT, and yoga realms. Berry is often posting her re-spin sessions and tips, so it’s clear she walks the walk — maybe we should all follow suit.