These Celebrity Bathrooms Will Convince You That Showers Are The New Tubs In 2023

Inspo for days.

January Jones / Instagram

According to Pinterest’s 2023 trend predictions, “Baths are so 2022.” Sure, a good long soak will probably never go out of style. But as the platform’s data revealed, “2023 will be all about the elevated shower routine.” Search terms like “amazing showers walk in” and “home spa bathroom” have been on the rise, giving way to endless new design ideas for a space that, in the past, has sometimes been overlooked. It’s no surprise, then, that celebrities are now revealing their own incredible showers in droves. It’s likely they’re also hopping onto this trend, and the inspiration they’ve shared couldn’t come at a better time for the rest of us.

Now, you’re probably guessing that there are some seriously opulent showers out there — and you’d be right. Celebrity spaces tend to be over the top, and their showers often follow suit. Jennifer Aniston’s luxe marble space and Ciara’s massive walk-in are perfect examples. However, not every star’s bathroom is as lavish. Take January Jones, whose own room features soft yellow tile and the most pared-down of features, or Drew Barrymore, who has a blue and white shower that’s about as basic (but still charming) as they come.

It may come as a surprise, but there’s actually a celebrity shower to inspire nearly every style and budget. And hey — even if you’re not in the market for a new look, they’re all still fun to see. Find TZR’s favorites, ahead.

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston’s entire bathroom looks serene, but her shower might just be the best part. The totally marble space is complete with a large bench and a glass door, and features brass hardware (including the genius addition of a mirror underneath the shower head) as a beautiful finishing touch.

Tia Mowry

Mowry’s shower actually looks similar to Aniston’s, thanks to its marble walls and brass fixtures. However, the addition of black trim on the glass door gives it a masculine, modern touch that sets it apart.

Jennifer Garner

Clearly, marble showers with glass doors and brass hardware is a trend with celebrities, because Garner is yet another star who’s on board. This one might be the smartest design we’ve seen though, thanks to the practical addition of several shelves built into the walls.

January Jones

Jones’ bathroom features a vintage-chic style that’s a stark departure from those of many celebrities TZR has featured, and it’s all the more reason to love her space. The soft yellow tile feels retro and sweet, and matches with the vibe of the rest of her vintage-inspired bathroom.

Jennifer Lopez

Given that Lopez is one of the most glamorous women alive, it’s actually a little surprising that her shower (in this space, at least) is anything but. Rather than marble walls and shiny shower heads, she opted for a dark stone in her shower that gives the room a rustic, cozy feel. But while it may not be sleek and serene, it definitely still feels like an escape.


Ciara’s shower is less of a shower and more of an entire room. It’s hard to imagine you could find much privacy here, but it seems like that’s probably not the point. Rather, the sleek gray area provides ample space to relax and unwind — possibly while another person joins.

Drew Barrymore

From what she’s shared on Instagram, Barrymore’s house looks cozy and eclectic — and her shower follows suit. It’s far from the impressive marble spaces of Aniston and Garner, but it has its own charm that’s worth recreating, especially if old-school bathrooms are more your vibe.

Kate Hudson

Hudson’s bathroom was clearly built to impress, so it’s no surprise that her shower is a masterpiece all its own. From the photo she posted, it appears to have two arched glass doors, as well as walls made of beautifully veined stone and brass hardware. It’s a stunning contrast against the vintage-inspired floral wallpaper on her walls, and something we’ll definitely be saving to our own inspiration boards for future renovations.