Celebrity Coffee Tables To Inspire Your Next Living Room Styling Session

Their decorating tricks worth stealing.

Elsa Hosk / Instagram

There’s an art to styling the surfaces of a home that many attempt, but few truly grasp. For some reason, that seems to ring especially true for coffee tables. Maybe it’s the flatness of the surface, the completely blank expanse of space, or just the fact that it usually sits smack in the middle of your most-used room. Whatever the case, there’s no denying that it often takes some serious inspiration and more than a few decorating tricks to achieve what you set out to. Fortunately, the stylish celebrities of the world and their equally chic coffee tables have you covered in that regard.

Thanks to their impeccable eyes for design, access to the coolest pieces, and, no doubt, talented interior designers, stars and their homes provide no shortage of coffee table eye candy. And in terms of aesthetics, there’s something for everyone: Whether you have a flair for the dramatic or gravitate toward minimalism, rest assured that there’s a celebrity-styled surface you’ll love.

It’s officially time to stop shuffling those art-filled books around and replaying the “vase or no vase” debate with yourself over and over — instead, just look to the celebrity coffee tables ahead for all the inspiration and styling tips you need. Here’s hoping you never have to throw up your hands at your umpteenth rearranging attempt again.

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Create A Library

Whether you’re an avid reader or you simply love the look of stacks of books, Cindy Crawford’s easy decor trick is a no-brainer. All you need is lots of beautiful covers — then, just stack them up in piles around the table. Add a candle or two, and your cozy setting is complete.

Mix Works Of Art

Leave it to Elsa Hosk to make her coffee table look like a museum. Fortunately, you can too, and with very little. Copy the model by pairing together unique sculptural pieces, and don’t feel like you have to go overboard; just a few can make a statement.

Make It A Wellness Moment

Tracee Ellis Ross’ coffee table is so serene, it’s hard not to wish you’d copied it earlier. The actor and entrepreneur created a mindful moment in the center of her living area, featuring beautiful blooms and a few of her favorite rituals. It’s a genius way to incorporate a few minutes of peace into your day, and as she proves, it doesn’t take much.

Incorporate Storage

There are inevitably certain items that end up floating around your living room that you’d rather not see (i.e. all four of those ugly remotes), and Miranda Kerr’s solution is simple: Add small storage items to your coffee table’s mix. With a stylish piece like her brass box, you’ll not only add interest, but remove those unsightly pieces.

Utilize Trays

Have more coffee table space than you know what to do with? (If so, lucky you.) Follow Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s sleek lead by including a tray or two to split up the surface into its own separate moments. Plus, when you go to put your feet up, you can easily remove your items and kick back.

Pick A Statement Flower

For the true minimalist (or just the lazy decorator), it’s hard to go wrong with Emily Ratajkowski’s approach. The model’s own table features only a clear vase with bright red leaves, and a trinket or two next to it — a look that’s no less of a statement, but definitely less complicated.

Alternate Heights

The collected look is arguably one of the most classic of coffee tables, but undoubtedly also one of the most challenging to pull off. Miley Cyrus (and her mom and interior designer, Tish Cyrus) did so flawlessly, thanks to a genius use of layered heights on the singer’s puzzle-piece table. With stacks of books, vases, tall flowers, and various trays and trinkets, the final layered effect keeps the eye moving, without looking like a jumbled mess.