Here’s How 6 Different Celebrities Create A Peaceful Bedroom Space

There’s no one way.

Mindy Kaling / Instagram
Mindy Kaling by the laptop in her colorful, celebrity-styled bedroom

For a lot of people, there’s kind of a standard, understated bedroom that comes to mind when thinking of the “traditional” peaceful space: It’s neutral, it’s simple, it’s understated. But while that style certainly works for some people, it’s definitely not the only approach you can take to creating a soothing place to rest your head. That’s simply common sense, of course — but all you need to do is dig through the myriad celebrity bedrooms that stars have shared on Instagram to prove it.

In fact, the profiles of the rich and famous are gold mines when it comes to finding examples of tranquil bedrooms that satisfy all sorts of styles. You do have the typical, minimalist aesthetic, like Kourtney Kardashian’s plush, all-white space. But then there are the more unexpected takes, like Mindy Kaling’s colorful room, that are equally serene in their own unique way.

It doesn’t even matter if any of these are your “taste,” either — each one has plenty of takeaways for adding peaceful vibes that don’t involve recreating the space completely, whether that be their use of surprising hues or choice of materials. Plus, as with all things celebrity homes, they’re just fun to see. Read on for six examples TZR loves, plus the tricks the stars have utilized to turn each bedroom into an oasis at home.

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Kristen Bell’s Rustic Bedroom

Bell has previously shared that Amber Interiors helped design her home, and judging from the look of her bedroom, it’s probably safe to guess that the Instagram-favorite designer had a hand in this space as well. Thus, it’s no surprise that it has a sort of rustic serenity. The layered bedding textures and beige hues paired with tougher materials like wood and leather (plus a dark, distressed rug underfoot) give a warm, cozy vibe that’s calming without being boring.

Tia Mowry’s Moody Gray Bedroom

Mowry’s home is evidence that embracing darker paint colors in the bedroom can be soothing. Her space features a dark, deep gray on the walls, which she’s layered against varying shades of the hue. Set against warm woods and rich materials (like her velvet headboard), it’s luxe and tranquil in a sophisticated way.

Mindy Kaling’s Colorful Bedroom

A rainbow of colorful hues might be another color palette you’d stay away from in creating a peaceful bedroom. However, Kaling proves it can totally work. Her trick, clearly, was choosing softer versions of each hue. Thus, the mix of blue, green, red, and lavender still look bright and joyful — just in a more subtle way. The crisp white bedding and natural light pouring in don’t hurt, either.

Kourtney Kardashian’s Minimalist Bedroom

Kardashian’s bedroom features a tried-and-true approach to creating peacefulness. The Poosh founder opted for a palette of almost entirely white and cream, with plush fabrics and sleek lines mixed in. If you’re looking for a straightforward way to achieve a calming space, this is it.

Drew Barrymore’s Layered Beige Bedroom

If you’re looking for a less stark option than Kardashian’s bedroom, Barrymore’s is the perfect alternative. Rather than all white, she chose to layer beige on beige in her space. The tans and creams give it a softer feeling overall, especially with all the contrasting textures she mixed in with her materials and furniture.

Miranda Kerr’s Cozy & Feminine Bedroom

Clearly, the all-white bedroom is a go-to method for creating a calming resting space for celebrities. Fortunately, though, all of them approach this a little differently. In Kerr’s case, she did create a very minimalist color scheme of mostly white. However, she also incorporated plenty of subtle prints and pops of soft pastels to ensure it wasn’t one-note.