This Is How Mandy Moore Pulls Off A Flawless Friendsgiving

Michael Simon/startraksphoto.com

One of the things we love most about Mandy Moore is how totally relatable she seems, and having recently gotten the opportunity to sit down with the This Is Us actress for a Friendsgiving dinner for the Blue Cash Everyday Card by American Express at chic Los Angeles eatery Eveleigh, we can confirm that she’s just as just as down-to-earth as she seems on TV. Like many of us, she’s got a modern family, which makes holiday planning a bit tricky, “My parents split when I was in my mid-twenties […] and so we’re fractured in a way,” she explained. With all the stepparents, siblings and in-laws, it can be tough to pull together a flawless affair, but thankfully the newly engaged star’s hostessing skills are top-notch. Mandy, who is co-hosting this year’s Friendsgiving with her future mother-in-law, even shared how she sets the tone for any holiday get-together. Her first order of business: music. She told us, “I’d want to curate a really solid playlist. Music has been a major thread in my life and my fiancé’s life.” To further create ambience, add scented candles and fresh flowers. “I want it to feel relaxed and not too fussy, but still polished and elegant,” Moore elaborated (this also describes her holiday outfit philosophy). We’re definitely taking note.