We Might Actually Have Proof That Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant

Update October 18, 2017: After news of her reported pregnancy nearly broke the internet, we’ve naturally been keeping tabs on Kylie Jenner through Instagram, Snapchat and pretty much every other form of social media we can find. But it wasn’t until today that we realized we might have actual proof that she’s expecting, thanks to a recent video shared by Us Weekly that not only reveals a dancing act to a Travis Scott (aka the reality star’s supposed baby daddy) song, but also a slight hint of her burgeoning stomach.

We’re still waiting on confirmation, of course—but if you ask us, we’d be hard-pressed to say she’s not pregnant.

Original on October 14, 2017: Oh, Kylie. We’re starting to think she’s actually enjoying torturing us with potential clues about whether or not the rumors she’s pregnant are true. Though she’s not yet made any statements about the baby buzz, many of her followers believe that the makeup mogul is sprinkling little hints on social media. First there was a lack of the sexy selfies she’s notorious for sharing, then when she did pop up on the ‘gram, she was shrouded in oversized shirts or only shown above the waist. And now one of the star’s latest Snaps has the internet all like “hmmmmm” (insert chin-scratching emoji here). Friday, a bare-faced Kylie—once again shown from the shoulders up—grooved along to Cigarettes After Sex’s song “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby,” and even added the text of the title lyric. This follows another suspicious Snap from earlier in the week where she shared a pic of one blue and one pink phone case and said she was “thinking blue.” Um, what? Is it just us, or is this girl loving every minute of playing with our emotions—regardless of whether or not she’s actually expecting? Guess we’ll have to stay in suspense for now.

Kylie Jenner/Snapchat