Kim Kardashian Is Out Of Hiding And On Snapchat

GC Images

Since early October, practically the only glimpse of Kim Kardashian West that we’ve seen is via paparazzi shots as she ran errands or grabbed a bite, appearing decidedly pared down compared to what we’ve come to know as her impossibly glammed-up (even in an oversized tee and boots) style. Prior to her unfortunate robbery during Paris Fashion Week, she was fully immersed in the social media world, delighting fans with snaps of her outfit details, insane jewels, and adorable moments with daughter North, but since then she’s hardly made a peep on Instagram or Snapchat (though she did do a few Facebook posts in November). Well, it looks like she’s closer than ever to regularly gracing the public with her presence again, since she was featured in quite a few of sister Khloe’s Snapchat videos from the family’s Christmas party. Kim’s sister even took a moment to point out how “f*cking dope” she looked in a curve-embracing gold lamé dress, which she paired with perfectly straight hair and a lip ring. And Mrs. West (as Khloe referred to her in one video — is she telling us something?) certainly didn’t shy away from the camera, even posing for a pic with one of her fave fast foods, a corndog from Hot Dog on a Stick. Dare we assume she’s ready for the spotlight again?