Kendall Jenner’s Birthday Gift To North Is Actually SO Unexpected

Kevin Mazur

ICYMI: North West, daughter of Kim and Kanye and future ruler of the world, celebrated her fourth birthday last week. We didn’t think any gift could top the adorable puppy she received from her mom and dad … until now. Kim took to Instagram Stories to share the present Auntie Kendall got North—and it’s so good.

In lieu of Kardashian-Jenner staples of designer clothing/handbags/shoes (which the four-year-old already has in spades and is another, separate issue we don’t have the bandwidth to unpack right now), Kendall gave North a science craft book. She then wrapped up the ingredients needed for her favorite crafts from the book, so North would have everything she needed to get started.

We’re a little jealous—our younger selves would have been all over this gift (okay, as would our current selves). Well played, Auntie Kendall, well played.