Jessica Biel Is Obsessed With This Fitness App

Jessica Biel, all-around badass and super-fit woman, took to Reddit yesterday for a totally candid AMA (that’s “ask me anything” in regular speak). Naturally, people wanted to know about her workout routine. One Redditor asked about her general workout/eating routine, noting that she’s in incredible shape. (Seriously, have you seen how strong she is?)

Her response: “Thank you! Daily routine… I go back and forth between yoga and circuit training. There’s a website called www.yogaglo.com—it’s basically like a monthly membership thing where you have access. You can do it all, anytime, anywhere. I’m not affiliated with them AT ALL, just think they’re a really good resource.”

We did a little digging to find out more about this seemingly magical company. Via its website and app, YogaGlo offers more than 4,000 classes in 11 yoga styles that you can stream from essentially any device. This is amazing for people who are always on-the-go (like Jessica) as well as people who want to get better at yoga but don’t want to embarrass themselves in a room full of people (like us). It’s $18 a month for unlimited classes, which is considerably less than a studio membership. Into it.

Jessica also mentions that she tries to eat really clean most of the time but when she has cheat days, she goes “BIG.” Same, girl. Same.