You Should Always Do This Before Bed, According To Jennifer Aniston

First she shared a genius cardio tip, and now our girl Jennifer Aniston is spilling the deets on her nighttime routine. The actress told Self that getting enough sleep is one of the most important things she does to stay healthy and balanced. This sounds great in theory, but in practice getting enough shut-eye can be tough. That’s why she leaves her phone outside her bedroom before she goes to bed. “I have been really trying recently to do the Sleep Revolution that Arianna Huffington wrote about—leaving your phone outside of your bedroom,” she says. “The times I’ve been good at doing that, I have had better sleep. And you don’t wake up to emails and dings.”

Another thing she does right before bed: meditation. She has a separate iPod with sleep meditations on it that she uses to unwind. We lay in bed and force our dog to snuggle with us while meticulously picking apart every human interaction we had that day, so basically, same.