These Celebrities Look Just As Glowy With Or Without Makeup

Barefaced beauties.

Kerry Washington no makeup selfie

As much as everyone appreciates the power of a classic red lip or the added radiance afforded by dabbing on some highlighter, it’s hard to beat the beauty of a makeup-free look. Skipping the cosmetics now and again — or all the time, it’s totally individual — puts the focus on your natural features, allowing them to shine without any extra assistance. When celebrities go without makeup, be it to high-profile events or in selfies shared to social media, it’s a refreshing, invigorating reminder of how stunning the totally unadorned face really is. Critically, it’s important to remember that even the biggest A-listers have their share of so-called (and completely normal) “imperfections” — and no-makeup photos can help correct the misconceptions that filters and camera lenses can often help fuel.

On days you choose to ditch the concealer and mascara, give your skin some glory by taking your time on your morning routine. Be sure to pay extra attention to the SPF, too, as there’ll be no additional layer between your delicate dermis and the sun’s harsh rays. From there, you officially have nothing to worry about — no makeup means no annoying lip color touchups in between drinks or powder to reapply.

Below, explore some selfies from your favorite celebrities, all cosmetics-free.

Selena Gomez


Accented only by her lingering lash extensions, a foundation-free Gomez glows from her sun-soaked back patio.

Jennifer Lopez


Lopez has been especially loose with the makeup-free videos lately, letting fans in on her go-to skin care routines straight from her own bathroom

Anne Hathaway


If there were ever a PSA for sun care, it’s Hathaway’s even, protected visage. She told The Sun (perfectly ironic name there) that she uses a minimum SPF 30 daily, and her giant, wide-brimmed hat shows how seriously she takes the practice.



The golden glow reflecting off Beyoncés makeup-free face practically requires sunglasses. Lounging outside near the beach, she’s as summery as it gets.

Pamela Anderson

Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

Anderson’s called her recent decision to skip makeup for events her way of challenging beauty norms, showing off how gorgeous she is without a stitch of anything extra. “I feel like it's just freedom,” she told Vogue France in 2023. “It’s a release.”

Tracee Ellis Ross


Skipping makeup always feels great, but it just hits different on a tropical vacation after some (safe and careful!) time in the sun. Ross has shared a few shots of herself barefaced over the years, with this beach vacation look as a stunning standout.

Gwyneth Paltrow


When you’re as busy as Paltrow, time spent applying lipstick and complexion-covering products could always be used elsewhere. As such, she skips makeup pretty regularly, and loves to share photos of it.

Hailey Bieber


The face that launched a thousands serum sales? Bieber’s bare-skin selfies got so popular, she finally decided to drop her routine in the form of her Rhode product line.

Kerry Washington


Washington is one with nature in her latest makeup-free selfie that shows off her luminous skin and natural curls all at the same time.

Salma Hayek


Hayek’s another star who regularly uploads no-makeup pictures, and they’re always worth bookmarking. This summery shot doesn’t need any blush — she’s already rosy and radiant.