Cardi B Looked Straight Off The Runway With Her Towering Retro Hairstyle

It’s too good.

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No one comes alive during fashion show season — any of them, really — like Cardi B. She’s seen perched in every front row, dressed in the most intricate pieces ever seen, all accented by cutting-edge makeup looks and innovative hairstyles. In many instances, she’s as eye-catching as the actual runway presentation itself. She might have skipped out on Haute Couture Week in Paris this year, but fans already knew there was so chance she’d miss the Marc Jacobs show in New York. At the American designer’s show, Cardi B’s updo with bangs adds such a fun element to her massive floral-print gown, mirroring its fluffy texture and infusing a little bit of retro energy into her otherwise-thoroughly modern look.

Cardi arrived at the the Marc Jacobs Fall 2024 Runway at the New York Public Library July 1, completely decked out in a purple-and-yellow floral gown with a matching set of marigold tights and acetate sunglasses. The dress is likely where your eye is drawn to first, and how could that not be the case with its layers upon layers of botanical motifs and giant fluttery sleeves? Doubling down on her more-is-more approach — it’s arguably Cardi’s signature — she leaned into the voluminous nature of her look with a towering, retro-inspired updo complete with a set of long, blunt bangs.

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Described as a “messy updo” by Cardi B’s go-to hairstylist Tokyo Stylez, the hair features several inches of height with plenty of strands pulled out all the way around to underscore its effortless vibe. The best part, though, might be the long bangs that spill down over the top of Cardi’s rectangular shades.

The “Enough (Miami)” rapper seems to be loving the bangs look lately. Just the other week, she wore them equally long but swept to the side for an appearance at the 4th Annual Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards in Beverly Hills. The fringe certainly helps fuel that retro feel, too — they’re a little ‘60s at the Marc Jacobs show, and veering ‘90s at the Impact Awards.

If this is how hard Cardi’s bringing it for a one-off show, just think about how incredible her looks will be once September rolls around.