Brooke Shields & Her Daughter Celebrated Mother’s Day With Matching Tattoos

A more permanent gift than flowers.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
brooke shields and daughter grier hammond henchy

What’s the best way to express your appreciation for your mom on Mother’s Day? A bouquet of her favorite flowers, a new bauble, or a beautiful fragrance are all popular, well-received gift choices. But if you really want to impress her, a tattoo in her honor will serve as a permanent reminder of your love. In fact, she might jut be down to participate, too. While giving mom your gift over brunch or afternoon tea is a popular way to celebrate the holiday, TZR’s summer issue cover star Brooke Shields and youngest daughter Grier Hammond Henchy got matching tattoos.

On Sunday, May 12, tattoo artist and podcast host Scott Campbell unveiled the duo’s new ink in a series of photos on Instagram. “Sometimes getting to the tattoo you are supposed to get is a long process of exploring different ideas and directions, but @brookeshields and @grierhhenchy showed up with a perfect concept for matching mother/daughter tattoos,” he wrote in the caption.

The tattoo, which is placed on Henchy’s wrist and Shields’ forearm, shows two sets of feet (one tiny, one big) wearing the same pair of heels. It’s meant to represent Henchy stepping into her mom’s shoes.


The duo also recorded an episode of Campbell’s podcast, Stupid Things For Love. During the interview, Shields shared some background behind the tattoo choice. “When she was little, she would always just wear my shoes, no matter how teeny she was," she said. "She would go into my closet and come out and have breakfast in her diaper and high heels, and then the night gown and high heels."

This isn’t the first mother-daughter tattoo in Shields’ ink collection. Back in 2021, she got matching ladybugs with her eldest daughter, Rowan Francis Henchy, to commemorate her high school graduation. “A special graduation gift and memory with my girl 🐞 I’m so proud of you, I love you more than words can say,” the model-actor wrote in her Instagram caption alongside her photo of the tattoos.


While family heirlooms are usually jewelry or china, as demonstrated by Shields and her daughters, matching tattoos are a cute alternative tradition. (Albeit, a potentially painful one.)