Blake Lively's Denim Coveralls Might Be Fall’s Most Coveted Style

The hunt starts now.

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Blake Lively Denim Coveralls It Ends With Us

There’s no question that Blake Lively is a bona fide style star. Her trendsetter status was solidified back in Gossip Girl days, and since that time, she’s given fashion followers memorable look after memorable look. However, recently leaked images from the set of It Ends with Us, an adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s bestselling book, sparked concerns with some of Lively’s fans who are used to her more polished personal style. In the photos, Lively was sporting more quirky, eclectic ensembles (including head-to-toe camouflage and patchwork boxers exposed beneath low slung pants) than the ones she’s known for out of character. But when the much-anticipated film’s trailer finally dropped on Thursday, May 16, and the character’s looks were given more context, they may actually become major fall wardrobe inspiration — in particular, Lively’s denim coveralls.

The trailer only gave offered a sneak peek at some of the outfits we can expect to see come August when it hits theaters, but this closer look already gave us something to put on our fall style Pinterest boards. At the tail end, Lively’s character is seen from the neck up in a dark denim workwear style with a Carhartt logo. The brand has specialized in these types of durable, functional overalls and coveralls for decades now, but they’ve been trending as streetwear in recent years.

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After a quick glance on Carhartt’s site, the most similar women’s style currently available is a more fitted, canvas version with patch front pockets. But what makes Lively’s pair so cool is its relaxed fit and zipper details, not to mention its well-worn wash. Knowing that the movie’s costume designer is Eric Daman, with whom the actor collaborated on her aforementioned Gossip Girl wardrobe, means the coveralls may be tricky to find. Daman has a penchant for finding vintage treasures, so it’s likely a piece from the past. Nevertheless with some clever hunting (including looking at menswear styles), it’s far from impossible to find something similar.

You’ll have to wait until later in the summer to see Lively’s full denim coverall look from head to toe (the bag? the shoes?), but this glimpse already has us dreaming of shopping for fall. And according to the sneak peeks, other seasonal styles like colored leather jackets, boyfriend flannels, and shearling-lined coats might also end up on your must-have list, too. In the meantime, keep an eye on all the usual vintage suspects, like Depop, Poshmark, and good old eBay to grab this cool workwear style before it’s even harder to find.