Blake Lively’s Dark Glitter Manicure Is More Than Meets The Eye

So much sparkle.

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Blake Lively gold jumpsuit

Remember when Blake Lively blew everyone’s collective minds with a color-changing dress reveal at the 2022 Met Gala? She must have developed a real taste for transformative aesthetic touches that year, because she’s back again with another more-than-meets-the-eye moment that captures a similarly dramatic energy. At a special June 10 dinner at The Odeon thrown by Chanel in honor of the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival, Lively’s black glitter nails prove that they’re so much more than just a simple coat of sparkly lacquer. Surely chosen to match her silky Chanel matching set, her manicure features an oil-slick effect that makes them refract a rainbow’s worth of shades under the city lights — and amidst all those photographers’ flashbulbs.

Lively showed up at the exclusive dinner — also attended by fellow big-screen creatives Katie Holmes, Hari Nef, and Natasha Lyonne — in the bold printed set, complemented by her signature beach waves and a glossy pink lip color. Rather than opt for a more demure manicure that wouldn’t compete with her outfit, Lively strategically leaned into the fun by selecting a polish with a dark base and bright, shimmery flecks scattered throughout each nail. The rainbow effect makes for a vibrant feel all-over, the perfect choice for a hot summer night in the city.

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Raymond Hall/GC Images/Getty Images

For this particular event, one of several hosted by Chanel in celebration of the annual New York-based film festival, Lively decided to have the polish applied over her own short, natural nails in lieu of opting for a longer extension. A larger canvas might have helped the lacquer stand out further, but that’s probably why she went the more relaxed route with her manicure length in the first place. With so much color happening throughout her outfit, the more casual approach let both the nail polish and her printed set live in harmony rather than fight for the spotlight.

It’s actually not too often that Lively goes for a standout manicure look in general. On the whole, she seems to prefer nude-adjacent shades like pinks, beiges, and golds. When she does decide to go for something statement-making, though, it’s clear that she goes full force.