Yes, You Should Paint Your Bathroom Black — Vanessa Hudgens’ Home Is Proof

It’s surprisingly serene.

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Vanessa Hudgens / Instagram

When you think of bathroom paint, it’s likely your mind immediately goes to shades of white, beige, or blue — calming colors that won’t add a weird cast or create unwanted stress. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to those hues, of course. You want a space that fosters a soothing environment, and it’s pretty much guaranteed that the most obvious choices will do that. However, there are some unlikely contenders that can actually provide the same serene mood, all the while adding an unexpected and refreshing look. And while you may not believe that dark paint falls into that category, Vanessa Hudgens’ black bathroom walls are proof that it should actually be your next move.

The actor revealed the space in an Architectural Digest house tour on Oct. 26, giving viewers a glimpse into the Jake Arnold-designed suite as she showed off off her light-filled Georgian colonial home. From a quick scan of the place, it’s hard to believe that the mostly white Los Feliz property could have any moody rooms on site. But Hudgens’ bathroom is about as dark as it gets — and somehow, it still oozes tranquility.

That can probably be chalked up to a few features Hudgens’ interior designer incorporated. Yes, the walls (which appear to have a plaster effect), ceiling, and floor are entirely black. Outside of that, everything else adds a lightness to the space. There are sconces, countless candles, a large window, and plenty of shiny brass elements to brighten things up. Additionally, a light blue rug, white marble counters, and a gray tub provide softer, lighter details.

That said, none of those additions went too far in brightening the area — a decision that was intentional. “I just really wanted it to be sexy and cave-like,” said Hudgens of the bathroom in the AD video. Instead, all the details together make for a space that’s somehow both a little goth and very serene — which is exactly what the actor seems to have had in mind all along. “I fell in love with the idea of sitting in this deep, ceramic bathtub with the windows open, hearing the French music outside waft up through the windows, watching the candlesticks burn,” she told the publication.


As with any dramatic color, painting the walls of a bathroom entirely black is an intimidating thought. It can be overwhelming, too dark, or simply not calming enough — all valid reasons to skip out on the look. However, Hudgens’ space is proof that a soothing black space can be done. And while it may not impart the same vibe of an airy, beige look, with the right details, it can have a serenity all its own.

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