Beyoncé’s Spin On A French Manicure Is Regal Glam At Its Finest

Leave it to Queen B.


To say that Beyoncé is a trendsetter would be a serious understatement. Even before her whopping 222 million followers on Instagram, Bey was influencing the masses with her unmatched style and confidence. This continues to range from her clothing to her makeup to her music, but lately, Beyoncé has been absolutely winning the nail game. Though she’s had many a glamorous nail moment, the star has been experimenting more and more with nail art and seems to be partial to the oh-so-trendy French manicure. Now, Beyoncés silver French tip nails are giving all the winter nail inspiration you never knew you needed.

In a series of caption-less Instagram photos, Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z appear to be on their way to yet another glamorous outing, with Bey practically dripping in gemstones. Her glittery Balenciaga x Gucci suit jacket and matching pants are almost blinding, and she pairs the look with large diamond hoop earrings, sunglasses, sparkling fingerless gloves, and a silver anatomical heart-shaped purse. In a close-up glimpse of her hand, Beyoncé shows off her unique French manicure that features a sheer base, silver tips, and small, geometric shapes painted in black.

Beyoncé’s new mani is the latest evidence of her apparent obsession with French manicures. The singer was no stranger to French tips back in her Destiny’s Child days in the early 2000s (aka, the heyday of French manicures), and the recent resurgence of the trend has clearly inspired her to go back to her roots.

Last month, she topped off a preppy-chic look with a green and gold French manicure done by Japanese nail artist Miho Okawara. Earlier this fall, she went full holiday glam for Jay-Z’s film premiere for The Harder They Fall but kept her nails simple with a subtle French mani. And let's not forget the gorgeous classic French manicure that she wore to the 2020 Golden Globes, which perfectly complemented her black and gold gown.

It’s not clear who is responsible for Beyoncé's new silver French tips, but it’s safe to say that the post (which has already racked up 4.3 million likes — and counting) will inspire a slew of holiday nail looks this season. As it should.