Bella Hadid Put A Supermodel Spin On Marilyn Monroe’s Signature Bob

The glamour is off the charts.

Bella hadid dark blonde hair

Old Hollywood glam is a classic look that will never go out of style, but there seems to be a renewed appreciation for its simple elegance from celebrities. Both on and off the red carpet, A-listers like Hailey Bieber and Keke Palmer have infused their hair and makeup moments with retro touches like finger waves, red lipstick, and dramatic updos. This phenomenon can probably be partly attributed to movies like Blonde and Don’t Worry Darling, which utilize vintage glamour as a storytelling tool and remind audiences why it’s so alluring in the first place. Bella Hadid’s new retro bob is the latest Old Hollywood hair transformation to shake up the internet, and with good reason — the bright, bold platinum shade and vintage-set curls manage to seem fresh and modern, even when they pay homage to a silver screen icon.

In a new Instagram video (which is already well on its way to a million likes), the model is sporting a short, platinum-blonde style with bouncy curls — a nearly exact recreation of Marilyn Monroe’s instantly-recognizable look. Hadid spritzes her hair with hair spray before turning to the camera and saying, “I think I’m done. What do you think?” She also tagged celebrity hairstylist Sam McKnight in the caption, indicating that he’s the one responsible for the glamorous transformation. The comments section, of course, is chock-full of comparisons to Monroe. “Marilyn Monroe vibes,” one follower wrote. “Bella Monroe???” said another.

While Hadid’s curly bob is presumably a wig, it seems that the model is still very much in her blonde era. In December 2022, she traded her brunette locks for a warm, honey-blonde shade — an unexpected change for the winter season. “Feeling a little better and a little blonder,” she captioned an Instagram story video revealing her new look, which was courtesy of celebrity colorist Jenna Perry.

More and more celebrities seem to be joining the warm-toned bandwagon, too. Aubrey Plaza took the White Lotus press events by storm with newly blonde hair and last year, Zendaya spiced things up with a stunning honey brunette shade. Prepare to see it on more than just your favorite stars, though. IGK co-founder Chase Kusero previously told TZR that 2023 is set to be the year of warm blonde tones. “These buttery blonde tones are highlighted by darker bases, creating rich contrast and a warm, autumnal glow,” he said. “Because there are so many options, this look can work great for anyone.”