Bella Hadid’s Sporty Pigtails Are The Athleisure Of Hairstyles

Getting the sporty look couldn’t be easier.

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 21: Bella Hadid is seen in Tribeca on September 21, 2021 in New York ...

Bella Hadid was literally born to take Libra season to new heights. Considering Libras are traditionally thought to have an interest and propensity towards aesthetics — especially beauty — it’s no surprise that the supermodel has spent the past few weeks test-driving more elaborate hairstyles than many wear in an entire season. Granted, many of them have been for work, but October alone has seen Hadid in razor-cut bobs, waist-length waves, blonde panels of extensions, bang-accented updos, and plenty of versatile baby braids. But online, it’s Hadid’s braided pigtails that are really making a splash.

Spotted in a series of shots just uploaded to her Instagram, Hadid’s hairstyle features two pulled-back pigtails positioned a few inches behind her ears that give way to multiple baby braids secured by clear, rubber hair bands. Her deep, slicked-down side part stays in place thanks to a metal barrette in the exact color of her multi-dimensional brunette hair for camouflage. The photos were part of a promotional restocking of Hadid’s latest venture: Kin Euphorics, a canned, non-alcoholic beverage that claims to “balance body, mind, and spirit.” But even as Hadid refilled a gym fridge with the drinks, it was her sporty, swinging braids that really grabbed attention.


As popular as the style is becoming in Hollywood and beyond, it’s incredibly important to note where it actually originates. Multi-braided pigtails have long been a protective hairstyle staple for Black women, particularly young, school-aged Black girls — and though Hadid wears the braids very well, it’s crucial to recognize Black women’s impact on popular hairstyles and larger beauty trends in general.

The beauty of this look lies in its ease and versatility considering the number of braids, braid style, and added accessories are all up to personal preference. And if pigtails feel a little too schoolyard, you can always combine them into one perky, braided pony to still get the swing of the original look.

In Hadid’s case, pairing the slicked-down style (recreate this by mixing gel and water in your palm, then running it down damp hair) with an oversized windbreaker set makes for a sporty aesthetic — fitting considering she’s at a gym. If you ever need an incentive to get into the gym, channel Hadid and think of it as the perfect excuse to debut a whole new look — and possibly lure your gym crush.

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