Aubrey Plaza’s Latest Hairstyle Totally Transformed Her Retro Curtain Bangs

So gorgeous.

Aubrey plaza vintage bob

Aubrey Plaza might have built her career on quirky (and often deliciously dark) comedy projects but don’t let her I-know-a-secret smirk and scene-ruling roles fool you. Between her thick, rich brunette waves and penchant for vintage-tinged everything, Plaza’s a classic glamour girl — and the sophisticated looks seen all through her Emily The Criminal press tour are rife for recreation. Aubrey Plaza’s retro bob at her most recent promotional appearance would look just as fitting on a ‘60s silver screen siren. Paired with Plaza’s daytime-appropriate smoky eye and breezy linen outfit, there’s more than enough contemporary charm to go around. In a way, it feels almost representative of Plaza herself — by being both trendy and timeless, she’s able to look utterly at home in any role from any era.

Fittingly, Plaza’s layered, voluminous bob was shaped thanks to an equally-timeless method: a head full of velcro rollers. Celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkins shared a two-photo set of the star — the first of her finished look and the second, a behind-the-scenes candid that shows off Plaza’s ‘60s-style cat-eye sunglasses and the roller placement. By dividing the hair into three sections and laying the rollers horizontally, gravity-defying volume is all but ensured.


Hawkins, who regularly works with celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo and Elizabeth Olsen, has styled some of Plaza’s all-time best hair moments. Earlier this summer, when Plaza chopped her hair from rib-skimming waves to vintage bob, his work on her short curtain bangs at the ESPY Awards scored more than a few headlines.


These days, it looks like Plaza might be in the final stages of growing her bangs out — they’re notably flipped out in a side part, and look much longer than they did even a month ago. Fortunately, part of curtain bangs’ appeal is how quickly and seamlessly they blend into hair when you’re over them.

Of course, Plaza’s excellent hair is only part of what makes her Emily Is A Criminal press look so great. Her casual smoky eye look, created by celebrity makeup artist Kathy Jeung, adds depth and definition to her warm eyes without ever overpowering them thanks to the darker liner across her upper lash line and blown-out brown to the bottom. Equally suited for a luncheon, dinner date, and a red carpet arrival, it’s nearly as versatile as Plaza herself.