This One-Step Hack Is The Secret To Ariana Grande’s Big Doe Eyes

Blink, blink.

Ariana Grande lip gloss
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There’s a lot to envy about Ariana Grande, her soaring vocal ability, incredible sense of style, and artistic versatility among them. But the “Yes And?” singer is a woman of many talents, and she parlayed one into a side hustle that’s bigger than most full-on careers. As the founder of her R.E.M. Beauty brand, Grande’s love for makeup was taken to the next level — and she’s clearly picked up several new artistry tricks since the launch. One of them also happens to be a bonafide TikTok sensation, and it’s easily applicable for everyday. It looks like Grande’s using half-lashes these days, an easy trick anyone can do that makes eyes look super-sized and so doll-like.

Grande’s history with false eyelashes is a long and rich one, dating all the way back to the earliest days of her career. She’s worn natural sets and larger-than-life lashes alike, even opting for pairs adorned with florals and sparkles for special occasions. In a new photo shared to her Instagram, though, you can get a good look at the half-sized strips or clusters she’s loving these days. Her inner corners look like her natural lash hairs, which gradually bloom into bigger, denser ends for an exaggerated effect.


For those who feel overwhelmed by a straightforward, traditional set of false lashes, trimming them down or buying them pre-cut for the ends of the eyes is a quick and easy trick to add some extra oomph. It’s been a particularly popular hack on TikTok, with many users skipping mascara in favor of popping on a baby-sized set.

Strip lashes usually come in one standard size, but everyone’s eyes are clearly so different in length and shape. Halfsies allow for a more customizable look. Measure against your closed and open eyes first, then use nail scissors to tailor-fit them for your desired look. To take the bespoke look a step further, you can grab bits of lash clusters and simply concentrate them through the ends of the eyes or any area where you want extra volume or length.


To get Grande’s doe-eyed ingenue look, try these lashes great for cutting at-home as well as this selection of pre-trimmed picks — with the right glue (classic Ardell Duo all the way, come on), they’re as close to foolproof as it gets.