Anne Hathaway’s New Pixie Cut-Bob Hybrid Is The Ultimate Short Hair Inspo

It’s the perfect length.

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If you’ve seen the 2012 film adaptation of Les Miserables, you know that Anne Hathaway is no stranger to drastic hair changes. The actor’s portrayal of the destitute Fantine (which earned her an Academy Award, by the way) involved shearing off her actual hair, which she eventually grew out into a chic pixie haircut. An Anne Hathaway short hair transformation is in the headlines again but this time under much less dramatic circumstances — though it’s safe to say that it’s equally jaw-dropping as the first time.

While filming her upcoming movie Armageddon Time, Hathaway has been seen sporting a short, curly hairstyle that’s somewhere between a pixie cut and a bob (a bixie if you will). The film, a coming-of-age story set in New York City, takes place in the 1980s, which explains the vintage feel of Hathaway’s ensemble. In addition to her close-cropped hair with bouncy, face-framing waves, her character wears oversized sunglasses, a blue suede jacket, and flared denim pants.

Despite her commitment to her character’s hair changes in Les Miserables, there’s reason to believe that Hathaway’s recent chop is actually a wig. Just a few days after she was photographed with her new short look, the actor shared a costumed selfie with the caption, “Major Party Animal. Happy Halloween,” with long hair that appears to be her own.

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Wig or not, Hathaway’s new look is proof that the short hair craze is still going strong. In addition to fellow celebrities like Florence Pugh and Kourtney Kardashian shocking their fans with their recent chops, the effortlessness of the French girl bob has been taking over Instagram as one of the season’s biggest haircut trends.

If you’ve always wanted to go for a super-short cut but are wary of the commitment, Hathaway’s pixie-bob might just be the way to go. Because it’s a bit more undone than a traditional pixie, it likely wouldn’t require as much maintenance or styling. Plus, it won’t take as long to grow out if you’re not feeling it — but given the hype over Hathaway’s look, that seems unlikely.