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6 Winter Manicures That Are Blowing Up On Instagram

Stay festive.

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As long as I’ve been TZR’s social media editor, our Instagram audience has loved a good manicure. From bright, playful shades in the summer to deep, moody hues in the winter, I can count on great engagement from a nail post all year round. For that reason, I’m always on the hunt for the next big manicure trend. In 2022, we had glazed donut nails reign supreme. For 2023, I already have a few contenders.

One of the favorite parts of my job is trend-spotting. Because I’m chronically online and following many industry experts and tastemakers, I tend to see trends in their early stages. Then, I’m able to both try the trends myself (if they vibe with my taste), and I’m able to share with TZR’s social audiences. For nails, my favorite trend right now are velvet nails. From a social media standpoint, the videos of these manicures are so satisfying to watch — the way the light catches the design is mesmerizing.

Ahead, check out the nail trends I’ve been seeing all over Instagram, so you can try the top winter manicures before everyone else.

Velvet Nails

Like I mentioned, velvet nails are all the rage right now. Not to mention, they’ll perfectly match all of your soft velvet holiday outfits. The key to recreating this nail look is using a magnetic polish and activating it with a magnetic wand.

Colorful Chrome

While we’re on the sparkly nail trend, another shimmery look I’m loving are the colorful chrome looks. While silver chrome manicures blew up in 2022, I expect this colorful rendition to have a big social media moment in 2023.

Pierced Nails

When I look at this manicure, this line from Taylor Swift’s Bejeweled comes to mind: “Best believe I'm still bejeweled, when I walk in the room, I can still make the whole place shimmer.” The next time you’re hankering for a new piercing, just pierce your nails! Super chic, and not at all painful.

Hot Chocolate

Nothing gets me excited for winter quite like a festive mug full of hot chocolate. This season, I’ll be spreading that rich, chocolate-y joy to my nails.

Classic Red

Look, there’s just no way I can talk about winter manicures without mentioning red nails. Besides, they’re having a bit of a renaissance on social media courtesy of the “red nail theory”.

Pink Two-Tone

This is the perfect way to upgrade your simple light pink manicure. The halo of hot pink is so chic and will add some pizazz to all of your winter looks.

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