12 Fragrances That PerfumeTok Made Me Immediately Add To Cart

*sniffs phone*

Viral TikTok perfumes

Ah, TikTok. The platform that was originally intended for sharing short, viral clips has grown in all different directions, many of which could have never been predicted. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve stumbled across beauty TikTok, a never-ending haven of beauty tips, tricks, hacks, and recommendations from professionals and enthusiasts alike. Among this sector of the app is what’s often referred to as “PerfumeTok”, a community of fragrance lovers sharing their best finds and tried-and-true favorites.

Like a lot of viral products, TikTok-famous perfumes have seen massive spikes in popularity. As someone who typically sticks to one or two signature scents, I never really considered branching out when it comes to fragrances, but apparently, the TikTok algorithm knows me better than I know myself. After seeing so many PerfumeTok videos on my feed, I eventually caved and started following some fragrance accounts, only to be completely sucked in by the complex and subjective world of perfume.

One of my favorite creators, @professorperfume, has amassed over 236,000 followers with her informative perfume content and thoughtful product reviews (she also keeps things interesting by mixing in videos about books and makeup, among other things). @Rougereview, on the other hand, never shows their face at all, and instead begins each video with aesthetically pleasing clips indicating a specific scent profile along with the text “so you want to smell like this...” before diving into the recommendations.

The beauty of PerfumeTok is that it brings fragrance lovers from all over the world to one place to bond over a space in beauty that can often be exclusive. These creators share recommendations that range from expensive ($340) to super affordable ($20) — this way everyone can partake in the fun. Ahead, take a look through the assortment of perfumes that these sorts of accounts have swayed me (and countless others no doubt) to purchase, and many more which are still sitting in my shopping cart — but not for long.

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The Quintessential Everyday Scent

Chances are, you want your everyday scent to be something fresh, clean, and a teeny bit head turning — these will do the trick.

The Femme Fatale Scent

You know that feeling you get when you blast Beyoncé at full volume, you’re having a great hair day, and you feel like you can conquer the world in six-inch heels? These scents are that feeling bottled up.

The Date Night Scent

Cozy up with these smoky, woody, subtly sweet scents — the perfect addition to a romantic evening out, or a lovey-dovey night in.

The “Clean Girl” Scent

The “clean girl” aesthetic is yet another viral TikTok trend, but it’s also completely classic. You can’t go wrong with looking (and smelling) fresh and clean, and these scents will do just that.

The Head-Turner Scent

You know you’ve struck gold when you walk past someone and they whip around asking, “What perfume are you wearing?” These fragrances will stop people dead in their tracks — in the best way possible.

Red Temptation
TikTok recently went wild over Zara’s collection of affordable perfumes that smell designer, with Red Temptation going viral for being reminiscent Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge 540 — though nothing truly beats the original.